Oh the Blood of Jesus, Oh the Blood of Jesus, Oh the Blood of Jesus, It Washes White as Snow!!!

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What is the Greatest Question in the Universe and what is your response to it?


Yes we accept donations!! 

Please Note though that this Ministry is NOT 501c3 government controlled. That means you can't deduct and get tax credit from the God hating Satanic controlled system. If that is a hindrance to you donating, then I pray God will deliver you from that bondage. If its not a hindrance to you, then Glory to God that you see the truth and the truth has set you FREE!!!

By helping this ministry your telling the Lord I stand for truth and will not fund liars, cheats, thieves and want to help expose them for who they are.

The best way is via PayPal.      









If you would like to donate more then $100, go to Pay Pal and send the amount you want to:   donate@online-ministries.org

God Bless and have a great Day,