July 14, 2019 End Times News Alert

Ecclesiastes 7:9 “Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools.”

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Good News for a change!

Sheriffs refuse to enforce new Washington gun law

Crowd Boos Bill and Hillary Clinton at Billy Joel Concert

Crowd beat man to death after he stole car with 3 kids inside

Antifa Thug ARRESTED AND INDICTED On Multiple Charges for Brutal Beatings at Portland Protest in June

Judge Smacks Down Corrupt DOJ – Signals Support For General Flynn in FARA Case After Prosecutors Allege Flynn is Co-Conspirator

Trump Just Made HISTORY! Pompeo Unveils ‘RIGHTS’ PANEL! Why Some REJOICE And Others Are INFURIATED! This is information you can’t afford to miss, it is truly history in the making!!

Miley Cyrus Won’t Reproduce Until She’s Confident Her Kid Can ‘Live on an Earth with Fish’ That is good news as she won’t pass her Lunatic beliefs, and the Jezebel Spirit on to any offspring!

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