The "powers that be" are doing all that they can to destroy any faith in God. They are also putting a great deal of time, money and effort into getting people accustomed to robotics. The sounds, lights, patterns of movement, and methodical dehumanized interchange of robotics are all being introduced and employed in every area of our lives on a daily basis.

Our lives have become totally controlled by technology. People don't even know how to interact with other people face to face anymore. Do you realize that young people today can't even read or write?? The fine art of communication has completely gone out the window. What happened to the cherished love letter? You know the one your grandmother had stashed away in that little box of treasures under her bed. Are those kinds of tangible evidences of love and affection relegated to the past? What about family mealtime filled with conversation and laughter? or Quiet moments of whispered conversations between siblings or spouses just before sleep? We are growing more and more isolated not only in a crowd but in our own homes, at our dinner table, in our beds. We no longer relate to other humans, unless filtered through technology. Instead of spending time with our grandchildren, we view them on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, or Instagram. Instead of speaking with our parents we send them a text or an email.

Here is an excerpt from the short article linked below. "Take a look around you. Most likely, the majority of people you see are bent forward towards the glow of their phones and tablets. Maybe they look up occasionally so they don't stumble and fall on the sidewalk, or periodically to check the time, but whatever is streaming on their digital screens is absorbing them in some sort of hypnotic trance. Gone are the days when families actually spoke around the dinner table. Today, restaurants are full of people more interested in the pixels on their electronic devices than those around them. Kids are watching TV episodes, parents are scrolling through emails, and even waiters are texting during a free moment between orders. I've even seen a couple sitting across from each other, where both people were playing separate video games on their IPhones. Maybe the date went sour, I don't know, but was as if they couldn't be further apart even though they were physically so close together."

Sep 15, 2015 // At Muhlenberg College
The Disconnect: How Social Media is Making Us Anti-Social

Creepy Technology: What Does the Future Have in Store:
Watch this video! You will be shocked at some of the new developments not only in the types of technology being offered, but in the behaviors that are resulting from our addictions to technology.

Inside the Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robotsan

They started with wait staff and have already progressed to an entire hotel staffed and managed completely by robots!
Seriously, is this your idea of a vacation getaway? Not mine! I want to get away from computers and robotics, interact with humans and enjoy some physical stimulation from nature.

Could this Robot Chef Change the Future of Cooking? (WIRED)

WOW! So, it is not enough they want your entire vacation to be filled with robots performing tasks that are better served with a human touch, now they want your "home cooked meal" to be served to you by robot hands. I want my Mommy!! Hands of love were meant to serve your meals. Not nuts and bolts and steel! Jewish Grandmothers everywhere are rolling over in their graves!

Robot Nanny - The Fact, The Fiction
From RoboHub:
20 great books to hook kids and teens on robotics
"The hand that rocks the cradle RULES THE WORLD" Did you ever hear that expression?

This is a very true statement. Why? Because a child lives what it learns. The formative years (ages 0-5) is the time in our life when we form our belief system, our personality, our life view, our style of relationship... everything, basically, about who we are. The person(s) who control our environment and with whom we primarily interact during that time period have a huge impact on our development. That is why governments have working so hard at gaining control of our young at the earliest age possible. They have been cleverly trying to expand their influence to earlier and earlier ages, usurping parental rights and parental input. Now, they have us, (reading robot bedtime stores, buying robot toys, attending robot movies, visiting robot exhibits) conditioning our own children to accept and even love the very things that will be the end of HUMANITY!

Watch Robots Transform A California Hospital
Wow, look at how many jobs are made obsolete by this one machine?

Prescription for Error? Pharmacy Robots
Do you really want to take medicine dispensed to you by a machine?
Beware of the Robot Pharmacist

Watch a 3D Printer Make an Entire Building
The bot's mechanical arm is fitted with nozzles that can spit out any number of substances used in building construction, such as concrete or insulation."

So now, digital printers can not only recreate small toys or even guns, but entire structures like houses or hotels!! From start to finish, foundation to roof top, and everything in between, including plumping and wiring!! Imagine how many people that puts out of work!!

Entrepeneur - Robocop
"From fast food cooks to concierges at restaurants and hotels, robots are slowly infiltrating the workforce in nearly every industry. Most recenEtly, the world welcomed its first operational robot policeman.

“Robocop,” the newest member of the Dubai police force, debuted on May 22 at the Fourth Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference, where it greeted guests.

At approximately 70 inches tall and weighing nearly 220 pounds, Robocop seeks to engage with city residents and tourists. Featuring an “emotion detector,” the robot can recognize a person’s gestures and body language from nearly five feet away. Robocop’s skills don’t stop there -- the emotionally intelligent bot can detect if a person is happy, sad and even angry by studying his or her facial expression. And just like your human friends would do, if Robocop sees you’re unhappy, it will try to lift your spirits.

More importantly, when it comes to fighting crime, the robot uses the internet of things, artificial intelligence and other smart technologies to spot offenders using facial recognition. Its navigation skills grant it the ability to map out areas and travel on its own.

Equipped with a built-in tablet, Robocop can communicate with people, speak six languages, respond to public queries, shake hands and even military salute.

"With an aim to assist and help people in the malls or on the streets," said Brigadier-General Khalid Nasser Al Razzouqi, director-general of smart services at Dubai Police, "the Robocop is the latest smart addition to the force and has been designed to help us fight crime, keep the city safe and improve happiness levels.

I don't know how you feel about robot cops roaming your neighborhood. I personally find that terrifying. So, they can read your facial expressions and make determinations on your character and intent?? Wow, we humans can't even do that. Who taught them? How can they be certain they are understanding what the person has on their minds. Maybe that grimace the human's face is from a pain in their back. Maybe the human is thinking about something their mother- in-law said that really made them furious. Sure we believe these robot Cops are programmed to be strictly benevolent... NOT!!

Related: These Absolutely Frightening Robots Will Give You Nightmares
God only knows what they have in mind for these guys. Seems to me they are planning to use them to hunt down undesirables. Seek, kill, destroy!

Related: These 5 Robotics Startups Are Changing The Way Work Gets Done
And, this is how you replace all the factory and mine workers.

Are you concerned yet for your own job/position/career? Check out the following. You can learn about your level of job security or lack thereof:
We have only hit the highlights in this article. So many more jobs are threatened. You would be amazed to learn where robots are already moving to take over...

Brief side show here:

Get more specific at the following site:
This Profession Will Be 'Doomed' in the Robot Uprising
Worried that robots will take your job? It's time to find out the truth.
The recently launched website,, helps you uncover whether your career is in jeopardy to future disruptions. By simply typing your job into the search bar, the website generates a percentage of how likely people in your career are going to get the boot. It also lets you know the automation risk level -- your job could be anything from "totally safe" to doomed -- and other information such as projected job growth, median annual wage and number of people employed.

Relationships with Robots could soon replace interaction with Humans:
The following video is a little bit long, but clearly lays out how things have changed in Japan due to Robots.
Robot Love In Japan

Now robots are not just filling the work roles normally performed by humans, but they are performing roles of what once were our loved ones, family and friends. In our dysfunctional society people find themselves alone and depressed and lacking the skills to fill their needs the traditional way.

Sex robots are becoming very popular around the world. This is a danger to human kind on many levels. Our sex crazed society, with no moral compass, can only degenerate. IT is no accident that sex has become the main focus in our society. ALL pagan religions were focused on sex and sexual perversion as well as human sacrifice. The more we open ourselves to pagan practices and invite spirits into our lives the more deviant and immoral we become.

We have seen that in Eastern RELIGION, everything has a spirit. Even inanimate objects. So, it is easy for eastern people to accept Robotics. They believe that the robot has a soul just like you and I do. Again, the ones who HATE GOD, don't care if you are religious, just as long as you do not know the ONE TRUE GOD.

Anti-sex-robot campaign warns of danger to women, children.

Sex Robots are Becoming a Thing - and they Could Kill Off the Human Race

Sexbots: Real Robotic Humanoid Sex Dolls - 1 in 4 People Would Date - New Study Shows

Would you become a Robophile? Sex with ROBOTS could replace intimate human relationships within 30 years
Read more:

MegaBots raises $2.4M to create league of human-piloted, GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS
You did not know that all those TRANSFORMER movies your kids have loved so much were conditioning them to accept this new kind of warfare. Giant Fighting Robots are COMING SOON to a neighborhood near you!

Check it out! These things already exist. They are up and running and ready for deployment. Reality is Stranger than fictions folks... You ain't seen nothing yet. What they show you, they have had for many years. Are you starting to wonder what else they have and are not sharing? Your TAX dollars at work.
Don't be fooled. The main force behind all of these developments has been the military. The military is a money making enterprise. They hate to lose time and money on such mundane things as pausing to sleep, eat or nurse wounds.
There is an endless supply of money behind the military and they are driven to develop an indestructible army that can serve non-stop. They are always working towards the bigger, better, faster, stronger weapons... and let's face it, in the minds of the military, soldiers are merely dispensable weapons.


How far have we fallen? How desensitized have we become? Here is a perfect example of how texting, though it brings our very presence into someone's existence, at the same time it isolates from the immediate affects of the things we put in texts. This next story is about a person who committed homicide via text messaging. Cold, cruel, calculating, able to witness the death of their "friend", via cellphone connection, without mercy or compassion. Unbelievable!

Michelle Carter Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter in Text Suicide Case
Judge convicts 20-year-old for sending texts that encouraged her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to kill himself
FULL READING of DISTURBING Text Messages Between Michelle Carter & Conrad Roy the Day of Suicide

Murder via Technology!!!

Well, we have seen how we are being made to be more accepting of Robotics, how we are being shaped to behave in a more robotic manner, how we are being integrated with machines through technology, how we are become less than human. Where is all this leading?

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