PILLs: Perverts In Lunatic Land News January 28th 2024

The Sexual Perverts are after YOUR  Children and Grand-Children! 

If you cant see that the Luciferians are turning American into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, then YOU are just as possessed and sick as the perverts are…, and are part of the problem!

And because there is so much news about the perverts, I can’t keep up with it and am overwhelmed! So…, I will just gather a few headlines in the Perverts in Lunatic Land Section and post it once or twice a Month! These are the epitome of Romans One!

Don’t know what Romans One says? Well Listen:


Four-Year-Old Boy Admitted into Church of England School as a Girl, Flashed ‘his Willy’ at Female Students

A Church of England school reportedly allowed a four-year-old boy to join as a girl while hiding his biological sex from other students.

According to a report from The Telegraph, a Church of England primary school in the south of England allowed the boy to join the school as a girl three years ago when he was just four years old.

A parent of a girl at the school told the broadsheet that her daughter had become “distraught” after she found out earlier this month that her friend was actually a boy. The parent said that the supposedly transgender child had begun “flashing their willy” at girls in the school and is said to have disclosed his “deep secret” that he was a boy while in the girls’ toilet of the school.

Following this revelation, the parent said that her daughter became despondent, refusing to talk and suffering from stress-based insomnia, over being “lied” to and that she had been “holding hands with a boy”.

“The fact that a boy was being enrolled as a girl aged four, that alone for me is a massive red flag. Because I don’t see how a child of that age can make that decision…to actually go through a social transition,” the mother said. Read the rest here

50-year-old man who ‘identifies’ as 13-year-old girl allowed to shower with teens

A report on social media is blowing up for the facts it contains: a 50-year-old man is on a swim team with young girls, and he showers with them.

The post explains the individual is Nicholas Cepeda and last weekend, the Orillia Recreation Centre in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, ”was the venue for a swimming tournament hosted by the local swim club, the Orillia Channel Cats.”

It went on: “According to a source, the Orangeville Otters were originally slated to compete at this tournament. That’s the club that includes amongst its membership that 50-year-old man who ‘identifies’ as a 13-year-old girl, the notorious Nicholas Cepeda. And get this: identifying as a teenager allows Cepeda to not only swim with real teenage girls, but to also change and shower with them as well.” Read more here

New Poll Finds Almost 30% Of Gen Z Adults Claim They’re Queer

‘Gen Z’ – which includes those born between 1997 and 2012 – is less-religious, less-Republican, and more queer than any generation before.

The survey by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute confirms the left-leaning beliefs of Gen Z shown by other studies.

The survey was conducted between August 21st and September 15th, with a sample size of 6,014 Americans between the ages of 13 and 25. Among those between the ages of 13 and 17, the margin of error was 1.51%, while the margin of error for those between 18 and 25 was 1.58%.

Gen Z adults (21%) are less likely than Gen Xers (28%), baby boomers (32%), and members of the Silent Generation (31%) to identify as Republican, but they do not differ from millennials (21%). Read more here

Planned law would require students dressed as ‘furries’ to be removed by animal control

See what Furries are here and here

The leftist LGBT agenda, which now includes, according to some, literally dozens of identities and orientations, has exploded during Joe Biden’s tenure in the White House, essentially since he has made promoting those alternative lifestyle choices one of his top priorities.

Included in that ideology is the concept of “furries,” people who identify as animals.

Fine, says one lawmaker in Oklahoma, but not in public schools.

There, students acting out their fantasies will have their parents called. Or animal control. Read more here

United Airlines CEO is a cross-dressing freak!

Have you noticed? The US aviation industry is crashing, both literally and figuratively. It’s like we’re watching the whole airline sector fall apart at the seams: pilots passing away out of the blue, passengers turning flights into WWE-style brawls, doors and windows blowing off mid-flight, and air traffic controllers resorting to Google for on-the-spot training. And when it seems things couldn’t get stranger, there’s the case of the freaky guy leading United Airlines.

Instead of prioritizing essentials like safety and skills, the CEO at United appears to be more concerned with his false eyelashes and jumbo nylons. Think we are joking? We wish we were, folks. Read more here

NYC New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Cuts to Two Men Kissing

The New Year’s Eve ball drop in New York City that was simulcast on tons of stations featured Paul Anka singing “Imagine there’s no heaven” and then immediately cut to two dudes making out. Read more here

Here Come the Ecosexual Perverts! ‘Unabashedly queer’ Woman in ‘Erotic’ Relationship with Tree!

A woman who describes herself as “ecosexual” believes she is in the midst of a love affair with an oak tree.

The woman, Sonja Semyonova, 45, claims she connected with the tree during her lonely, solo walks in the summer of 2021. Those walks began in 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. It was the same year that she moved to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

“I was walking a path near the tree five days a week for the whole winter. I noticed a connection with the tree,” she said, explaining that she had been “craving that rush of erotic energy that comes when you meet a new partner, and that is not sustainable.”

“The presence I feel with the tree is what I’m looking for, but that’s a fantasy with a person,” she said, further describing her experience with the tree. Read more here

Netflix’s ‘CoComelon Lane’ Features Crossdressing Boy Dancing for His Dads

CoComelon Lane is one of Netflix’ most popular children’s shows and is a top series in the U.S., U.K., Philippines, Canada, and South Africa, according to Fox News.

The series is aimed at preschool children.

Speaking of the show’s main child character named JJ, Heather Tilert, Netflix’s preschool content executive, described the character, saying, “He talks directly to camera, so he talks to the kid at home. It really feels like he’s inviting you into a playdate with him and his friends. He’s asking you to come with him on whatever his journey of the day is.” Read more here

Radical Tranny accused of raping two boys under 13

A radical transgender activist, Kendall Stephens, a man who poses as a woman, has been arrested for allegedly raping two young boys.

A local ABC affiliate described Stephens as a “prominent LGBTQ+ activist in Philadelphia.”

The charges filed by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General allege the 37-year-old “raped two boys under the age of 13,” the report said. Read more here

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