Harlot Clergy of the Lutheran, Episcopal, United Church of Christ and others in lockstep with Planned Murderhood

(LIFENEWS) — A group of female clergy Harlots from Iowa wrote a letter this week to publicly state their support of the abortion chain Planned Parent Murderhood.

The letter, published in the Des Moines Register on Wednesday, included signatures from seven women pastors Harlots from the United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Episcopal Church, Unitarian Universalist Association, Christian Church (Disciple of Christ) and Unity Church. A note included with the letter said the pastors Harlots were not speaking on behalf of their denominations or congregations.

1st Corinthians 16:22 “If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema  Maranatha.” 

Anathema - a person or thing accursed or consigned to damnation or destruction

Maranatha - the Lord is coming” or “come, O Lord.

The pastors Harlots praised Planned Parent Murderhood’s work and blasted a state bill that would defund the abortion group and redirect tax dollars to community health centers that don’t provide abortions.

“As clergy Jezebels and as women, we oppose any action by the Iowa Legislature to restrict a woman’s ability to make her own health care and reproductive decisions or to access health care services,” they wrote. “Additionally, we support Planned Parent Murderhood of the Heartland and the excellent care it provides for any woman who chooses its health care services.”

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