End Times News Alert

End Times News Alerts

This is real simple.

For years now, what has been presented to us, by the mainstream Media, has been nothing more than propaganda. Fake news and outright lies. Many of us have been aware of this fact for some time, others have been catching on lately, and still others are just waking up, as this truth has been revealed recently. Those who are awake have been turning to alternative news sources.

Unfortunately, not all alternative sources are reliable, even some Major Christian (and I use Christian loosely) news sources have been corrupted. They will NOT tell the truth. They just parrot the deceptive narratives perpetrated by those who currently control our government and media. Even those who are honestly trying to present the truth, can miss it sometimes. There is so much deception out there. In these last days, you must be wise as serpents and gentle as lambs. It is no time to sleep or slumber. Diligence and vigilance are required. It is critical that you think for yourself and not be a Lemming.

On this network of websites, I will merely be alerting you to new articles and posts for you to view and dissect. No frills. No cluttering and never ending advertising. No begging you for money. We will sort through this chaos together.

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God Bless, Jon