Abortion News April 20, 2019

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Abortion and Polling Propaganda

Black Leaders Slam Hollywood for Pushing Abortion on Black Women

Lawmakers copied and pasted Planned Parenthood abortion mandate

Black Congresswoman Tries to Exempt Black Babies From Pro-life Law

Conway: We’ll ‘Fight for Reasonable Restrictions and Regulations’ on Abortion

Libtards defend third-trimester abortion: “I think that depends how cool the doctor is”

Mother of Baby Found Buried in Flower Pot at Texas Cemetery Charged With Murder

Almost 100 Abortion Clinic Workers Seek to Leave Their Jobs After Seeing “Unplanned”

Wisconsin Mother to Face Murder Charge After Strangling Newborn Son, Beating Head Into Toilet

On heels of ‘Unplanned,’ Dem-majority MI county evicts Planned Parenthood after locals storm board meeting

‘Unplanned’ Movie’s Abby Johnson Says Mothers Who Have Their Babies Killed by Abortion Shouldn’t Be ‘Punished’

Bolshevik Bernie Sanders: Abortions up Until Birth Are ‘Very, Very’ Rare – The Decision Doesn’t Belong to the Government

Pro-Life Black Women Challenge Hollywood to “Come to Jesus” Moment: Abortion Is the #1 Cause of Death in the Black Community”

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