Abortion News April 7, 2018

Cecile Richards Says Support For Roe v. Wade Is On The Rise

Death penalty for women having abortions? No, candidate clarifies

Sorry, Planned Parenthood, your radical pro-abortion culture war is failing

GOP Still Not Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding; Is Anyone Surprised?

Planned Parenthood’s Degenerate ‘Comprehensive Sex Education’ Lesson Plans

Nebraska Gov. Ricketts signs $8.8 billion budget defunding Planned Parenthood

Well, you knew it had to come to light! ‘I Was a Disney Princess and Had an Abortion’

Cecile Richards: Ivanka, Jared Promised Funding If PP Stopped Abortions, ‘Felt Like a Bribe’

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal of Man Who Conducted Undercover Investigation Into Planned Parenthood

Cecile Richards: “It’s Incredible to Me” That Our Country Doesn’t Understand Abortion is a “Fundamental Human Right”

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