Abortion News January 13, 2018

I did not see much going on this week. I am sure the hounds of Hell are still at it although they are focused on trying to stay out of Jail!

Woman dies after abortionist botches D&E to remove miscarried baby

Tim Tebow on Facing Abortion: Doctors Called Me a “Tumor” Not a “Baby”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Trashes Pro-Life People: You’re “Not in Line With Society”

So let’s do a flashback to an Abortion News post I made back in Sept. 2015

Nancy Pelosi Defends Baby Harvesters

Cecile Richards: ‘Abortion is Healthcare’

Planned Parenthood President: ‘Some’ Comments At Hearing ‘Were Pretty Sexist’

Planned Parenthood Pres: ‘We Do Not Have Mammogram Machines At Our Health Centers’

Missouri: Court Holds Hearing on Satantist’s Lawsuit to Stop 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

Marco Rubio Skips Critical Vote to Fund Government, Avoids Voting to Fund Planned Parenthood

Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist Officials Sign Statement Backing Planned Parenthood Funding