Abortion News June 1, 2019

Where the  2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates Stand On Late-Term Abortion


Overview of State Abortion Laws  –    – 

Judge puts abortionists ‘above the law’

Infanticide Democrats Ostracize Prolife Dan Lipinski

Planned Parenthood chief spreads ‘big lie’ planted by activists

Missouri’s last abortion clinic says it may lose its license this week

Rotten Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Pregnant Woman Is Not a ‘Mother’

Isaiah 5:20 – NYT Op-Ed Claims ‘Pregnancy Kills. Abortion Saves Lives.’

Canadian PM Trudeau Threatens to Confront Pence Over US Abortion Laws

Hellywood’s Major Studios Join Disney In Georgia Boycott Over Abortion Law

Illinois Lawmakers Move Forward With Nation’s Most Liberal Abortion Legislation

Another Planned Parenthood Abomination: A Chatbot named Roo Aimed at Children

Louisiana Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards Signs ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban into Law

Women to Flock like Buzzards on Road Kill as California affirms the Murder of Babies!

Gillibrand at Hollywood Fundraiser: ‘Invest in Elections’ Around U.S. to Protect Abortion

Homely Jezebel Actress Ann Dowd Tells Pro-Lifers: ‘Go to Church and Ask for Forgiveness’

Supreme Court Upholds Law Allowing for Burial of Unborn, Punts on Sex-Selection Abortions

Disney’s Queer CEO Bob Iger Throws In: ‘Very Difficult’ to Do Business in Georgia If Abortion Law Stands

Genocide: More African-American Babies ‘Die at the Hands of Abortionists’ Than Any Other Cause, Dem Rep Says

Slaughter Houses to Flourish in the Sodomy State – Newsom Welcomes Women Seeking An Abortion To Come To California

Actor Jeffrey Wright Unveils The Left – When We Get the Power, Everybody Else F**king Duck – ’There are no principles… None… There’s only power’

The Democratic Party Could Be Completely Destroyed If All Americans Knew This: ‘Planned Parenthood’ Is ‘Black Genocide’ – ‘Planned Murderhood’ Founder Wrote: ‘We don’t want the word to go out we want to exterminate the Negro population’

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