Abortion News May 18, 2019

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What Is The Biggest Myth About Abortion?

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Signs Abortion Ban into Law

Missouri to join Alabama and Georgia in abortion ban

Louisiana ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban nearing final passage

Legal battle heats up as more states test strict abortion bans

Planned Parenthood President: ‘Terrifying’ Pro-Life Legislation

Alabama Human Sacrifice clinics vow to stay open despite ban

Feminist Charges, Physically Assaults Alabama Pro-Life Protester

Emily Ratajkowski Believes Killing Black Babies Is a Public Service

Gillibrand: AL Abortion Ban an ‘All-Out Attack’ on ‘Basic Civil Rights’

Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Important’ for Hollywood to Oppose Georgia’s ‘Heartbeat’ Law

Abortion Activists Call for Fellow Satanists to March for Human Sacrifice Freedom

Joy Behar: Require ‘White Guys’ Who Vote for Abortion Restrictions Get Vasectomies

Miracles Happen! ‘Unplanned’ Movie is Causing Abortion Workers to Leave Their Jobs

Irish Government Health Body Tells Women to Flush Their Aborted Babies Down the Toilet

Serial Killing and Sacrifice of Children is the Religion of the Communist Satanic Democrats

Florida Mother Charged With Attempted Murder After Newborn Daughter Found in Dumpster

2020 Dems Rush to Defend Killing Unborn Babies in the Name of ‘Science’ and ‘Women’s Health’

Unborn Baby Dies Because Pregnant Transgender Mother’s Medical Records Listed Her as “Male”

100 million women ‘missing’ worldwide trapped in sex slavery, killed by abortions or domestic violence

Hollywood Freaks After AL Passes Abortion Ban: ‘This Ends with Impeachment and People in the Streets’

Presbyterian Minister Blesses Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in God’s Name, Volunteers as Its Chaplain

Communist Baby Killer and Queer PA Democrat Brian Sims Locks Twitter Account After Massive Pro-Life Rally

Pat Robertson Calls Alabama Abortion Bill “Ill Considered” And “Extreme Law  Just who’s side is ole Pat on anyway?

Missouri Senate Advances Bill That Bans Abortion at Eight Weeks But Notes ‘Large Percentage’ of Babies Killed Before Then

Liberals Are Furious After Alabama Passes Bill That All But Outlaws Abortion In State And Sends Doctors To Prison For Life For Performing Them

‘We Are Not Old White Men. We Are Women Who Hate Abortion’ Black Women Respond after Hollywood’s Rabid Reaction to New Pro-Life Legislation

Feminist Heads Virtually Explode As Infighting Over SexStrike Commences After Radical Pro-Abortion Activist Proposes A Conservative Value As If It Is A New Idea

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