As the Church goes, so goes the Country!

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I was going through some old files on my computer and came across this article I had started back in Feb. 2006, and  it is still relevant today.

Jon Watkins Online Ministries December 28, 2012

After reading “Are we witnessing the rise of the Fourth Reich” by Pastor Chuck Baldwin February 7, 2006 at News with, He had a quote in the article “As the churches go, so goes the country”.

That got me to thinking about the sorry shape our churches are in today. If that saying is true, then folks we have a terrible future to look foreword to. The church is not teaching the truth.

We now have homosexual preachers. We have Christian Witches, we have Masons, Jesuits, Zionists and a myriad of other satanic groups that have successfully taken over and suppress the truth that needs to be told.

A School administrator who claims to be Christian, designs a shirt for a school group with a symbol in the shape of a pentagram, and says he did not know! ( I had a link to this news but they purged it) How can you be a Christian and not know one of the most powerful symbols of witchcraft?

How? I tell you how. You have gutless preachers who do not want to offend the pew setter. He or she, and that is another rant for later, preaches a warm feel good sermon. The majority of church goers have no idea what to watch out for because of the weak fools who stand in the pulpit week after week and won’t tell people they will be dammed to Hell (John 5:24) if they do not believe that Jesus died for they’re sins. They want to be politically correct and not offend anyone.

Fools like Joel Osteen of Lakewood church in Houston, Texas who will not speak the truth and say that Muslims will burn in hell (John 3:16) for embracing the pedophile prophet Muhammad. In addition he can’t say that Hindus, Jews, Atheists will go to hell for rejecting Jesus Christ (John 12:48). Fools like Rick Warren of Broke Back Church who endorses Gay Marriage and regrets making video supporting biblical marriage.

Then you have Billy Graham, high up on a pedestal, when he was on Larry King Live and was asked, “What about Mormons, Jews, Muslims? Will they go to Heaven?” Graham replied, “That’s in God’s hands.” WHAT? Did you ever read all of the Scriptures that say Jesus is the only way Billy? Incidentally years ago I emailed Billy Graham and ask him to clear up the rumor that he is a 33rd degree Mason. I received a response by his screeners who would not say one way or the other and I ask them to pass it to Billy so he could answer it himself. Well that was 10+ years ago and guess what? We still don’t know. But one may assume that seeing how “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”, and the fact that he has so many high power buddies in business and Government that are Masons, well we will just leave it there.

“What one generation allows in moderation, the next will practice it in excess” – Me

I do not know who coined that original form of that quote, but it is true. Now I will say that some churches hold fast to Biblical teachings but they are few and not many attend as they do not want to hear truth. Seminaries pump out preachers that are taught how to manage a church and not how to build a Biblical church. They don’t preach hell, fire and brimstone or mention Hell at all. I wonder what would happen today if Jonathon Edwards walked in and started to preach “sinners in the hands of an angry GOD”? One, they would not allow him to begin with, and two, he would probably heckled and escorted out by the Deacons.

The main stream church today allows just about anything. There was recently an article I put in the End Times News Alert and it was titled Young Christian Girls Taught How To Worship Jesus While Taking God’s Name In Vain And Getting Their “Sexy” On! Church has become a social gathering and I would bet if Jesus was to walk into one of these Mega churches today, he would do to them just as he did to the money changers in his day.

Perhaps if there were more Biblical based churches, more preachers preaching hard truth, more people attending and adhering to those Biblical truths, we would not have a rash of wacko’s like Dennis Rader the BTK Deacon and other Mass Murderers.

Or maybe not.

Perhaps if the Church did not allow the perversion that is displayed daily on television it would be a better world. Perhaps if the church would preach the truth and then practice what is preached the Country would go As the Church goes!

Here is what is wrong with America and the Church.

There were two stories I saved meaning to post a comment on separately, but then it occurred that these two go hand in hand and is what’s wrong with the Church and America. In the above post As the Church goes, so goes the country, you can see what the trouble is. We now have even more to add to what the problem is.

Here is a story that just makes me steam when a supposed conservative is appointed to rule and then turncoats. I guess that is why we are in the state we are in because you cant tell if a person is lying these days. Used to be a persons word was their bond. No longer.

Reagan Judge Diatribe: State Marriage Laws ‘Based on Hate, Savage Discrimination’ Heather Clark Christian News Network. Aug 27, 2014

CHICAGO – During a federal hearing regarding amendments in Indiana and Wisconsin that enshrine marriage as being between solely a man and a woman, a judge appointed by then-President Ronald Reagan went off in a diatribe declaring his view that laws barring same-sex “marriage” are “based on hate.”

Attorneys for the states appeared for oral argument on Tuesday in front of a panel of thee judges with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Richard Posner, 75, also an abortion advocate, drilled both attorneys as he continually sought to shoot down any argument in favor of the marriage amendments. He interrupted Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fisher eight seconds into his presentation.

“All this is a reflection of biology: men and women make babies; same sex couples do not,” Fisher said. “It’s purely utilitarian. … Men and women make babies and there has to be a social mechanism to deal with that, and marriage is that mechanism.”

Posner rejected Fisher’s statement, saying that it included the “ridiculous idea that two 80-year-old cousins marrying will be a model for young couples.”

“Do you criminalize fornication? Would you like to?” Posner later asked. “And why do you prefer heterosexual adoption?”

“If we redefine marriage, I don’t know what we would be left with,” Fisher said.

Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Timothy Samuelson was likewise interrupted as he spoke, mainly presenting an argument that the institution of marriage is based on “tradition.” Go read the rest of this Idiots Diatribe

Well we get exactly what we deserve as a country for the majority rebelling against God. The just suffer along with the unjust. Matthew 5:45

Then there was an article 5 days earlier by Jennifer LeClaire Charisma News It’s Time to Get Ahabs out of Our Pulpits

Pastors generally believe same-sex marriage and abortion are wrong, but most of them won’t talk to their congregations about it for fear of losing members.

Those were the opening words of an article I wrote last week called “Most Pastors Avoid Controversial Issues to Keep Tithes Up.” The article was based on a study from the Barna Group.

According to the study, fewer than 10 percent of pastors will speak to key issues of the day even though they agree the Bible speaks to every one of them. Most pastors are passive, willing to do “almost nothing” to get people active in politics.

“Controversy keeps people from being in the seats, controversy keeps people from giving money, from attending programs,” George Barna said on America Family Radio’s Today’s Issues broadcast.

I have to wonder. Do pastors who turn a blind eye to sin in the nation—such as same-sex marriage and abortion—to keep people in the seats, giving money and attending programs also turn a blind eye to sin in the church for the same reasons? See the Rest of the article here

This is the problem. False preachers in the pulpit, no good demon possessed judges on the bench, perverted politicians in law making positions and last but not least, Gutless people who call themselves Christians that will not speak out. That is what is wrong with America and the Church!!

If you go to the store to buy Meat, don't run to the Milk section or the Junk Food aisle looking for it!!

The Meat Section is the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Milk Section is likened to those who will not preach on sin and Hell, just a feel good message, the Social gospel.

The Junk Food Isle is the outright false doctrine AKA the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it, the Hebraic Roots movement and other false teachings!!

Feasting on just Milk and Junk will eventually cause you great harm, you can count on it!!
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