Is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer a Baby Killing Satanist?

It would seem so as she is mocking America by wearing a Pink Feminist Planned Murder-hood hat that says “Planned Parenthood Makes America Great.”  So not only is she a Communist Democrat, a Radial Feminist, and a Jezebel, she loves to Murder Babies in the Womb!

Photo Surfaces of Tyrant Governor Gretchen Whitmer Mocking Trump in Hat That Celebrates Abortions

Jim Hoff | Gateway Pundit – This is the type of person Democrats want on their ticket with Joe Biden.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is famous for blocking seed sales, tiling, carpet, flooring, gardening supplies and motorboat rides for no reason. She also is an unapologetic leftist and Planned Parenthood devotee.

A photo so Whitmer in a pink hat mocking President Trump and celebrates abortion surfaced this week from 2018.

Life News reported:

A tweet from 2018 made by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has recently surfaced in on Twitter that highlights her leftist pro-abortion dogma, while mocking Pres. Donald Trump’s famous campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Whitmer is shown in a pink t-shirt and matching ball cap with white words emblazoned across it that read, “Planned Parenthood Makes America Great.” She captioned her selfie saying, “The future is bright…. and pink!”

Last week, Whitmer drew widespread outrage from the right when she made a nonsensical statement on a liberal podcast calling abortion “life sustaining” during the COVID-19 outbreak:

A woman’s health care, her whole future, her ability to decide if and when she starts a family is not an election, it is fundamental to her life. It is life sustaining and it’s something that government should not be getting in the middle of.

Whitmer has drawn huge protests for overstepping her authority during the pandemic by imposing despotic restrictions on the people of Michigan, including banning the purchase of seeds, American flags, and other items.  She has also prohibited the use of motor boats and vacation homes – all while keeping abortion facilities open and operating.

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