List of Banned Baby Names in Australian State

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God, Christ, Lord, Satan on List of Banned Baby Names in Australian State

Christian Post December 7, 2016 = The state government of Victoria, Australia, has included God, Christ, Lord and Satan on a list of more than 40 baby names they have banned as being either too offensive or official as American parents are expected to trend toward adopting names of more mythological deities and supreme evil beings like Lucifer.

According to the state government of Victoria, “Parents can usually choose any given name for their child. However, the registrar can refuse to register a prohibited name.” And the government has very broad powers when it comes to prohibiting a name.

A name under Victoria’s Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1996 can be prohibited if it’s considered, among other things, to be: obscene or offensive; cannot be established by repute or usage; because it is too long; because it contains symbols without phonetic significance, such as an exclamation or question mark, or for any other reason.

The full list of names prohibited most recently include: Admiral, Anzac, Australia, Baron, Bishop, Brigadier, Brother, Cadet, Captain, Chief, Christ, Commodore, Constable, Corporal, Dame, Duke, Emperor, Father, General, God, Honour, Judge, Justice, King, Lad, Lieutenant, Lord, Madam, Majesty, Major, Messiah, Minister, Mister, Officer, Premier, President, Prime Minister, Prince, Princess, Queen, Saint, Satan, Seaman, Sergeant, Sir and Sister.

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