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And because there is so much news about the perverts, I can’t keep up with it and am overwhelmed! So…, I will just gather a few headlines in the Perverts in Lunatic Land Section and post it once or twice a Month! These are the epitome of Romans One!

Don’t know what Romans One says? Well Listen:


Adults Cheer On 13-year-old Drag Queen Performing at Event

Video shows adults cheering on a 13-year-old boy performing a drag routine on stage.

Viral footage highlighted on social media by Libs of TikTok shows the moment “Little Ms Muffett” performed at the pro-LGBTQ Ballroom Throwbacks Television Awards Ball in New York this week. Read the rest here

8 Biological Men Who Have Taken Women’s Top Honors

Biological males competing in women’s sports competitions are taking top athletic awards from female athletes across the country. 

As the transgender craze takes over every facet of American institutions, sports are no exception. Activists who claim that “ transgender women are women” are insisting that the frustrations of female athletes are ill-founded at best, and probably transphobic. Read more here

Tranny MAN wins WOMEN’S NYC cycling race and says HE feels like a ‘superhero’

A transgender cyclist won first place at a female race in New York City amid ongoing debates over the inclusion of trans athletes in female competitions. 

Tiffany Thomas, 46, who was born male, ended the Randall’s Island Crit cycling race atop the podium, blowing the competition out of the water to snatch first place. 

Despite only taking up cycling in 2018, Tiffany quickly found success and has dominated competitions in the years since. She recently landed a place on top cycling team LA Sweat, where her oldest teammate is just 32. Read the rest here

Mr. Woman of the Year – USA Today Honors Transgender State Representative

The insult against women continues as USA Today chose to honor a man as one of their “women of the year.” This time, biological male, state representative Leigh Finke who “transitioned” in 2017 made the short list of so-called heroic women.

Finke was only elected last November but has been described as an activist for BLM and LGBTQ causes. The Gateway Pundit reported on her historic win back in November. Read the rest here

Fox News Host: “I Love A Good Drag Show”

Fox News is endorsing drag shows now in addition to child transgendism.

“I love a good drag show,” The Big Sunday Show co-host Julie Banderas said over the weekend, “but like, not for my first grader.”

Banderas said that despite loving drag shows herself, she takes issue with using “taxpayer dollars” to fund Drag Queen Story Hours for kids.

“Drag shows have been going on for a very long time without incident,” co-host Guy Benson chimed in. “It’s got a following, especially in gay culture, it’s not personally my thing but people like it. It’s campy, it’s funny, it’s bawdy, it can be raunchy — and like go for it!”

“Knock yourself out!” Benson said. “Have fun! Go to your brunch! But there are some lines here, like do taxpayer dollars need to fund this? And do we need to have children at these events?” Read the rest here

Maine High School Hosts ‘History of Drag and Queer Joy’ Event

Maine’s Deering High School hosted an event called the “History of Drag and Queer Joy” through a student club.

The event, which took place on Friday, March 17th, featured “curbside queens” who go by the names “Gigi Gabor” and “Chartreuse Money.”

An email from the school’s co-principals, Alyson Dame and Dr. Jake Giessman, reads, “The event is sponsored by our Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and is student-initiated and student-led, with teacher support.” 

“At Deering, we support all of our students and their communities. We proudly affirm and stand with the LGBTQ+ students and staff in our community.” Read the rest here

Transgender Prostitute Invited By Paris Mayor Films Sex Act in City Hall Toilets

A transgender adult performer and prostitute allegedly filmed themselves performing sexual services in the toilets of Paris City Hall after being invited there as part of an event by leftist Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Transgender performer and prostitute “Icy Diamond” was invited to Paris City Hall by Mayor Anne Hidalgo, and made a post on Instagram saying, “How I managed to transform Paris City Hall into a giant strip club & brothel… Freedom guiding the people in the midst of the gold of the Republic. Thanks who? Thank you @annehidalgo for the invitation,” they added.

The performer later allegedly posted a video of themselves offering sexual favours in the toilets of the Paris City Hall on Twitter prior to their account being banned for violations of Twitter’s terms of service. Diamond’s performances in the City Hall were apparently part of La Nuit des Fiertés — ‘Pride Night’ — an annual “flagship event for the LGBT+ community”.

The event’s organisers boast that the event “…allows queer youth to take over the City Hall with programming that resembles us and highlights the queer and LGBT+ community” and thank their sponsors, including the City of Paris and the Walt Disney Company. Among the features of the event are a gala dinner, a DJ party until four o’clock in the morning, and drag shows. Read more here

Minnesota Becomes a Sanctuary State For Sex Changes

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed an executive order last week to protect and support those seeking or receiving experimental medical sex change interventions in the state.

“Today, Minnesota joins other states and a growing number of municipalities across the country that have acted in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community,” reads the order. “We stand with this community by maintaining a refuge for those who seek and provide gender affirming health care services.”

Walz’s order defers to the authority of major professional associations such as the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the leading trans health organization that last year recognized eunuch as a valid gender identity even children can possess.

“The availability of gender affirming health care services is essential to the health and wellness of LGBTQIA+ community members, and is supported by numerous major professional associations,” reads the order. Read the rest here

Tranny Man Lunatic Goes Insane After Popeye’s Employee Calls Him ‘Sir’

A transgender “woman” went into a full-blown unhinged meltdown at a neighborhood Popeye’s filming himself confronting an employee he claimed referred to him as “sir.”

The trans person filmed as he walked into the fast food restaurant to berate the employee, Alex, who he proceeded to shout at and accuse of discrimination.

“I certainly didn’t,” the employee says in his defense.

“This guy called me, ‘Sir,’” the trans man tells the manager, adding, “This happens every fucking day. Everywhere I go, I get called, ‘Sir.’ I’m so fing tired.” Read the rest here

Kentucky Police Arrest Tranny Daycare Worker For Sexually Abusing Baby

A Tranny man is awaiting arraignment on charges of sexually abusing a baby while working at a daycare center.

Maria Childers, 25, had been employed at the Explore Learning Academy in Paducah, Kentucky when the abuse is said to have occurred last November. Police became involved in February of this year after the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) received an anonymous tip from someone working inside the academy.

According to a solitary local report on the incident, Childers had made inappropriate comments towards the infant while changing the child’s diaper, and had also touched the baby inappropriately. WPSD Local 6 avoided using pronouns for Childers. Read the rest here

University of Notre Dame to Host Event on ‘Queer Holiness’

The University of Notre Dame’s gender studies program is hosting a talk with the author of a book titled “Queer Holiness.” 

Set to take place on March 23rd, the event titled “Queer Holiness” will focus on “the gift of LGBTQI people to the church” and will feature Charles Bell, the author of a book by the same name. 

“For millennia, institutional churches have told LGBTQI people what God expects them to be and how to act,” the description reads before going on to say “in parts of the church, LGBTQI people remain the subject of hostile questions.”

A description of the book says, “From prohibitions on who they might love or marry, to erasure and denial, the theological record is one in which LGBTQI people are far too often objectified and their lives seen as the property of others.” Read the rest here

13 Mayors Arrested For Child Sex Crimes Since 2021

The now-former mayor of College Park, Maryland, was arrested on child pornography charges Thursday morning, adding to a long list of mayors accused of preying on young children while exploiting the trust of their communities.

Patrick Wojahn, 47, is charged with 40 counts of possession of child exploitative material and 16 counts of distribution of child exploitative material, according to Prince George’s County Police.

Wojahn, who was elected mayor of College Park in November 2015 after serving as a city council member since 2007, submitted his letter of resignation Wednesday night, city officials said.

Wojahn’s case isn’t an unusual one. At least 12 additional then-current and former mayors have been accused of child sex crimes since 2021, ranging from child pornography to sexual assault. Read the rest here

Democrat Mayor Arrested on Child Porn Charges Visited Biden White House Several Times, Called Buttigieg ‘Mentor’ 

The Democrat mayor of a Maryland city who was recently charged with 56 counts of child pornography visited the White House numerous times since Joe Biden took office, and was once mentored by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

On Wednesday, College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn, 47, resigned in disgrace ahead of his arrest Thursday on 40 counts of possession of child pornography and 16 counts of distributing child pornography.

Fox News Digital reports given College Park’s close proximity to DC Wojahn frequently visited the nation’s capital and met with high-profile politicians, including Pete Buttigieg who evidently mentored him. Read the rest here

School Kids Taught About ‘Rough Sex’ and Masturbation in Lessons Hidden from Parents

British schoolchildren have been taught about how to masturbate and the virtues of “rough” and anonymous sex as well as leftist theories surrounding topics such as “gender fluidity” as if it was established fact in lessons hidden from parents, a dossier compiled by Conservative MP Miriam Cates has revealed.

A report submitted to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak by the New Social Covenant Unit think tank established by Tory MP Miriam Cates has claimed that pre-pubescent students in schools across Britain have been subjected to radical ideas on sex and gender by far-left organisations such as the LGBTQ charity Stonewall following ambiguous guidance from the supposedly ‘Conservative’ government in 2019 on Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) classes. Read more here

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