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SABOTEURS: A New Investigative Series by Dr. Thomas R. Horn

PART 1  Meet the Saboteurs

PART 2  Something Wicked comes this way

PART 3  Divine Providence and a Big Question—If God was Behind the Election of Donald Trump, Is He a Cyrus … Or Nebuchadnezzar?

PART 4  Was Zenith 2016 just fulfilled?

PART 5  On Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House and “The Fourth Turning”

PART 6  After helping Force Steve Bannon from the West Wing, will Pope Francis facilitate The Rise of “The Grey Champion”?

PART 7  Welcome to the United States of Oceania, Where the “Ministry of Truth” is Busy Smashing Statues to Build a Better Tomorrow

PART 8  Ordo Ab Cha – How Elements for The Fourth Turning and Arrival of The Grey Champion

PART 9  The Deep Occultism of the Deep State

PART 10  High Strangeness, Hilarion, and the Babalon Working

PART 11  The Secret Destiny of America

PART 12  More on the Occult Faith behind the Founding Fathers and the Present Scheme for America to Produce Apollo- Antichrist

PART 13  How The Ancient Plot By Mystical Order “Rosae Crucis” Lives In Washington DC Today

PART 14  Murderous Demons and the Openly Hidden Message

PART 15  Deadly Oaths And The “Magnetic Link”

PART 16  The Magical Agent for Isis Impregnation

PART 17   On The Second Coming of Osiris/Apollo and the Science of Resurrection

PART 18  The Great Seal Prophecy of America’s Coming Grey Champion

PART 19   Shadow Government & Magic Numerology

PART 20  Secrets, Gurus, and Manufactured Destiny

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If you go to the store to buy Meat, don't run to the Milk section or the Junk Food aisle looking for it!!

The Meat Section is the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Milk Section is likened to those who will not preach on sin and Hell, just a feel good message, the Social gospel.

The Junk Food Isle is the outright false doctrine AKA the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it, the Hebraic Roots movement and other false teachings!!

Feasting on just Milk and Junk will eventually cause you great harm, you can count on it!!
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