Satanism and Human Sacrifice is the Driving Force behind the Abortion Industry

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‘Doctrine of Demons’: New Film Exposes Satanic Inspiration for Abortion

Tyler O’Neil | PJ Media – On Thursday, the pro-life group Created Equal published a new film exposing the Satanic inspiration behind a great deal of abortion activism. The video cites the Satanic Temple’s activism for abortion, the anti-Christian rhetoric of abortion activists, and the abortion movement’s emphasis on autonomy above all else.

Abortion: a Doctrine of Demons explains how a near worship of autonomy drives the movement in favor of killing babies in their mothers’ wombs.

“Most often, the ultimate value they fight for is autonomy, freedom to do whatever they want. The greatest representative of pursuing autonomy is Satan,” the narrator explains. “Created Equal and other pro-lifers often encounter those whose support for abortion turns to worship, most evident under the banner of Satanism.”

Most Satanists do not believe in the existence of Satan, but celebrate him as a symbol of autonomy against the Christian God. Yet some self-identified witches have joined the crusade.

“Those who love death are often quick to embrace its tenets. This is not surprising when the Satanic Temple teaches that defending abortion access is a worthy form of worship,” he adds. “The heart of the pro- abortion message is admittedly one of the Satanic Temple’s fundamental tenets.”

While Americans know that much of the pro-life movement is inspired by religious faith, the video aims to reveal that “the pro- abortion side has a religious dogmatism of their own.”

Doctrine of Demons displays an abortion clinic blessing and then turns to an interview with former Satanist and Christian apologist Zachary King (whose story has been disputed). King claims to have assisted in abortions. “When you’re doing an abortion, blood is the binding agent in a Satanic anything. Ultimately you’re wanting the blood of the baby. Because that is a Satanic sacrifice,” he says.

Then the video cuts to footage of a woman saying her unborn baby appeared to her in a vision, telling her it was “okay” to kill him or her. The woman went on to sing aa creepy “lullaby” to the aborted baby.

“Jesus was our blood sacrifice, but there are people that don’t accept Jesus as the Son of God or God the father as God. And a lot of people think that the devil is their god,” King said.

The Created Equal narrator noted that “ abortion defenders seem to adhere to a paradoxical religious secularism.” The video shows many abortion activists attacking pro-lifers, claiming that defending the unborn involves forcing religion on people.

Mom Sings Creepy ‘Lullaby’ From Her Unborn Baby Saying It Was ‘Okay’ With the Abortion

“In their pride, they reject God’s perfect objective law while replacing it with their own subjective opinions of who deserves to live and die,” the narrator explains. Then the video cuts to an interview with a pro- abortion man who seems to have supported allowing parents to kill their babies up to two years after birth.

“You just said you can kill a baby up until two years if the parents are okay with it,” a pro-life activist says to the man. “That’s the parents’ decision,” the pro- abortion man replies.

“Every day, they devise new ways to put their rebellion on display for the public to consume. What was once unthinkable has become normalized and even celebrated,” the narrator says, along with footage of a drag queen menacing a bloody abortion.

“Their hands have become quick to shed innocent blood. In this they are following Satan, loving what he loves and wanting what he wants,” the narrator continues. The video cuts to footage of abortionist Robert Santella responding to aggressive questions by saying, “No, I don’t go to Christ. I don’t listen to Christ. … I do have a darkened heart.”

Doctrine of Demons mentions Kermit Gosnell’s infamous “house of horrors” abortion clinic, where the gruesome abortionist killed babies who had already been born. Gosnell was convicted of murdering born babies, and the movie exposing his crimes eviscerates key abortion arguments.

The Created Equal video addresses the late abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, who had 2,246 dead babies stacked in boxes in his garage.

Doctrine of Demons also mentions the horrific history of child sacrifice dating back to antiquity, involving the Phoenician god Moloch and the South American practice of sacrificing children for fair weather.

“But today, many still call for child sacrifice to secure fair weather for our future,” the Created Equal narrator adds. The video then turns to an answer from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during the CNN climate town hall.

When asked about the need to curb population growth to fight climate change, Sanders said, “I think the answer’s yes … women in the United States of America, by the way, have a right to control their own bodies.”

“Portraying women as too weak to raise children and be successful, Planned Parenthood entices women to sacrifice their baby on an altar of financial stability,” the narrator continues. “Whether the god is a demon or a human, whether the parents are explicitly religious or religiously secularist, children continue to be sacrificed.”

The Created Equal narrator recounts how Christianity ended child sacrifice and the ancient Roman practice of infanticide by exposing newborn babies.

Doctrine of Demons concludes with the gospel of Jesus Christ, the ultimate answer to the culture of death. “This is the God who commands us to love our children. … This is the God so many abortionists hate,” the narrator explains. “Those who believe in the name of Christ need not sacrifice their children. Christ offered himself as the ultimate sacrifice.”

Christianity did indeed end human sacrifice and the exposure of infants, and the Western heritage provides a solid moral grounding for the principles of human dignity that undergirded these massive moral achievements. Many of the arguments in favor of abortion today echo the arguments for slavery before the Civil War, as activists dehumanize the unborn to advance their agenda.

Not all abortion activism is connected to Satanism, and many secular people are pro-life because of the scientific discovery that each infant has unique human DNA from the moment of conception. However, there is a terrifying Satanic element behind abortion, and Created Equal deserves credit for fleshing it out in this video.

Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons from Mark Harrington on Vimeo.

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