Abortion News February 29, 2020

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**** Abortion was Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2019, With 42 Million Slaughtered ****

Where the  2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates Stand On Late-Term Abortion

Overview of State Abortion Laws  –    – 

CNN removes ‘fetus that was born’ phrase

Godless Senate Democrats Vote for Infanticide

Pro-Life Man Group Challenges Abortionist Claims

OBGYN Screamed At Doctor For Saving Baby After Botched Abortion

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Trump administration’s Protect Life Rule

African-American Bishop: A ‘woke’ church should oppose Planned Parenthood

Senate Democrats Shut Down Late-Term Abortion Bans, Born-Alive Protections

Dangerous abortion bill approved by Virginia lawmakers now heads to governor’s desk

Tebow: I’d rather be known for saving babies from abortion than winning the Super Bowl

CNN Claims ‘Newborn Babies’ and Babies That Survive Abortion Aren’t The Same Thing

Ben Sasse Exposes Dems’ Filibuster to Defend Infanticide: ‘We’re Talking About Killing Babies’

Baby Born Alive at 23 Weeks Gasped for Air. Abortion Clinic Threw the Baby in a Biohazard Bag

Abortion survivor: Time to demand Dem candidates be asked about late-term abortion, infanticide

US Gov. Bought Murdered Baby Parts From Planned Parenthood Partner ABR to Find Cure for HIV

Doctors Said My Mom Should Abort Me Because I Was Born With No Hand, I’m Glad She Chose Life

Maryland City Council Rejects Request to Pass Ordinance Making Hagerstown a Sanctuary for the Unborn

Bernie Sanders Will Force Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz: “We Will Expand Funding”

Media Calls Pro-Lifers Racist But Margaret Sanger Founded Planned Parenthood to “Exterminate” Black People

ACLU Sues Texas Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn for Banning Abortion Advocacy Groups From Working in Town

‘Facing a Decade in San Quentin’: Daleiden Pleads Not Guilty to Criminal Charges for Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

Fake News New York Times Says 11,000 Gun Murders Is An ‘Epidemic’, But Calls 10,489 Late-Term Abortions ‘Exceedingly Rare’ And Not Worthy Of Discussion

Video of Girl Cheerfully Getting Abortion at Planned Parenthood Draws Horror Must be a Breeder Whore for a Satanic Coven doing a sacrifice to their god Lucifer

The Right to Life. Sermon Preached by Gabriel Swaggart 2/9/2020

President Trump at March for Life 2020

Story Behind Roe V. Wade

Luke 17:2 “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

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