Abortion News July 27, 2019

Where the  2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates Stand On Late-Term Abortion

Overview of State Abortion Laws  –    – 

Baby Killing in America: Planned Parenthood’s Black Genocide

Coven Member Ilhan Omar Calls for Abortion ‘Access’ for Illegal Aliens

David Daleiden receives surprising victory from pro–Planned Parenthood judge

Infanticide?? No Female Babies Born In 132 Indian villages Within Last Three Months

16 Million Girls Have Been Killed in Sex-Selection Abortions in India, Where are the Feminists?

Planned Parenthood Closes Arkansas Abortion Center, Can’t Find a New Building to Kill Babies In

‘Papaya Workshop’ Held in NYC Demonstrates Abortion on Fruit to ‘Destigmatize’ Murderous Procedure

Pro-Abortion Professor: Babies Can be Killed in Abortions, Infanticide Because They’re Not Fully Conscious

Jezebel Harlot Alyssa Milano: It’s Wrong to Execute Convicted Murders, But Executing Babies in Abortions is OK

Nasty Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For 79th Time, Refuse Care for Babies Born Alive

Luke 17:2 “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

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