LGBTQPXYZ News: July 24, 2019

Ex-‘ Drag Queen’ shares his story – what that lifestyle is really like

Freed from bondage by Christ. He is now head of the MassResistance Dallas chapter helping parents and families fight back!

Ex- Drag Queen shares his story! (3 min 46 sec)

What sort of people are these “Drag Queens,” who are brought in by public library officials to read books to young children? MassResistance has already published several exposés of them – revealing child molestation convictions, lurid sex businesses, and lots of depraved and pornographic social media posts. Facing the truth about these men is both sad and traumatic for regular folks. Read more here

Pa. Mayor Changes Course, Will Now Allow Pride Flag to Be Flown at City Hall

READING, Pa. (WPVI) — In a change of course, Reading Mayor Wally Scott says he will allow the LGBTQ rainbow flag to fly over City Hall for the first time.

Action News first reported last week that the outgoing mayor was being accused of discrimination for canceling a gay pride flag-raising ceremony.

In a video posted on his Facebook page on Saturday, the mayor said he had changed his mind after a recent conversation with a “prominent woman.” …

The woman told her mother “God made a mistake” during a childhood conversation. View Scott’s statement here

Atlanta Mayor Hosts Drag Queen Story Hour at City Hall 

ATLANTA — The mayor of Atlanta, Georgia recently hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour at City Hall.

“We want to thank our friends at the @ATLHawks, @AtlantaFalcons, @WholeFoods, @GABeverage and @atlantapride for partnering with us for Drag Queen Story Hour,” the City of Atlanta’s Department of LGBTQ Affairs posted to social media on July 1.

According to a graphic shared with the post, the event was hosted by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and featured a drag queen who goes by the name Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker.

Lance Bottoms invited Sugarbaker, who is really Steven Igarashi-Ball, 40, in early April after an Alpharetta library branch pulled its support for an event to be held there.

“Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker and all of our LGBTQ friends are always welcome at Atlanta City Hall.” she tweeted. “How about we host your next story hour? @CityofAtlanta — let’s make it happen!”

The event was held at the Alpharetta library after all, but informally.

“I can’t think of anything better to do to raise the next generation of young people,” Igarashi-Ball told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution at that time. Read more here

Library Deletes Photos of Children Fondling Drag Queens During ‘Story Hour’

A public library has deleted photos of small children lying on top of drag queens and fondling their false breasts at a Drag Queen Story Hour.

Multnomah County Library, the library system serving Portland, Oregon, quietly removed from Flickr the photos of the Drag Queen Story Hour that took place at St. John’s Library and then circulated on Facebook, leading to a backlash.

Young children attended the October event that featured drag queen Anthony Hudson, aka “Carla Rossi.”

LifeSiteNews archived the photos of a laughing Hudson lying on the floor, arms outstretched, as young children buried themselves in his body and fondled him.

“Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston observed the photos were first noticed when a Facebook user posted them along with a statement: “I wouldn’t let my kids crawl on top of random strangers no matter how said strangers are dressed.”

The photos were brought to the attention of LifeSiteNews, which also noted the library had posted additional photos depicting toddlers and young boys dressed in feather boas.

“The goal is to normalize abnormal, sexually deviant homosexual behavior by enticing children to first: question their sexuality,” said pro-family activist Georgia Kijesky, according to the pro-life media outlet. “The more children see men dressing up as women, the more normal it will become.” Read more here

21,460 Attend Library Conference Featuring Workshops On Drag Queens And Queering Elementary Schools

The world’s largest library association’s annual conference this year featured more than 100 workshops with an “equity, diversity, and inclusion” theme, according to the American Library Association’s conference catalog. That included workshops with these titles (some shortened): “Creating Queer-Inclusive Elementary School Library Programming,” “Developing an Online Face for a Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collection,” and “Telling Stories, Expanding Boundaries: Drag Queen Storytimes in Libraries.”

The ALA annual conference’s workshop selections also included “A Child’s Room to Choose: Encouraging Gender Identity and Expression in School and Public Libraries,” and “Are You Going to Tell My Parents?: The Minor’s Right to Privacy in the Library.” Politically charged talks and workshops like these formed at least one-third of the conference offerings, according to the ALA’s own description and a review of the conference catalog.

The titles and descriptions of the conference’s approximately 300 workshops and talks are not available online. They were only published in a conference app and paper catalog reserved to in-person attendees, many of whose attendance was underwritten by taxpayers through local library budgets. According to the ALA, 21,460 people attended 2019’s annual conference this June, approximately 4,000 more than last year.

The attendee who gave me her conference catalog and mobile app access has told me of internal conflict between her public library employment and Christian faith due to the saturation of this kind of bias in the interconnected library and book publishing worlds. More examples of this extreme bias permeated social media under the conference hashtag, including for some reason having librarians weigh in on U.S. border security and make plans for removing the category “illegal aliens” from their collection catalogs. The conference of course featured bisexual bathroom facilities. Read more here

No Prison Time For Pedophile Who Molested 11-Yr-Old and Gave Her STD

A pedophile who molested an 11-year-old girl and gave her an STD has been spared prison and allowed to walk free by a judge.

Joseph Meili, 21, from Springfield, Missouri, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing the 11-year-old girl but instead of serving a lengthy prison sentence, all he got as punishment was supervised probation.

Judge Calvin Holden also dismissed charges of child kidnapping and first-degree statutory rape in exchange for the plea.

Holden has a history of handing down extremely lenient sentences to child molesters. In 2016, he sentenced a 24-year-old man convicted of sexually abusing an 8-year-old child he was babysitting to just 30 days in jail and five years of probation. The sentence sparked a petition calling for Holden’s removal from the bench.

But in the horrific case of Joseph Meili, who gave his child victim chlamydia, Judge Holden did not see fit to send him to jail at all. Read more here

This Extensive List Of Bill And Hillary Clinton Connected And Democrat-Tied Sex Scandals And Sex Traffickers Including Mysterious Deaths Are The Smoking Gun

While we here at ANP still maintain that just because someone “associated” with another person that does not make them culpable in any crimes committed by said associate because “guilt by association” is not a legal thing, but when specific individuals associate with a long list of deviants, sexual predators and alleged child traffickers, it is fair to at least question those associations collectively.

Democrats have a long list of “associates” that have been accused and/or convicted of sexual crimes, some involving minors, which include disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, major Democrat donor Ed Buck, former congressman Anthony Weiner, actor Kevin Spacey, and we’ll also take a look at the Clintons long association with recently arrested Jeffrey Epstein.


Democrat megadonor Ed Buck has had two gay black men that have died of a drug overdose inside of his home over the course of the last two years, as can be seen above, Buck regularly hobnobbed with Democrat politicians as well as generously donating to multiple Democrat politicians, including Hillary Clinton multiple times, as well as donating to a multitude of liberal causes. Read more here

National conference teaches librarians how to sneak drag queens past parents

In one breakout session about LGBT-themed children’s literature, librarians took time to brainstorm suggestions for “Non-Trad Families” books they could promote. This included titles such as “My Brother’s Husband,” “Lumberjanes,” and “Pregnant Butch.” 

(Doug Mainwaring – LifeSiteNews)  The American Library Association’s recent national conference provided librarians from across the country with strategies for advancing gender identity ideology in schools and finding ways to bring “ Drag Queen Story Times” into public libraries despite the objections of local communities. The conference was held just as disturbing stories came to light across the country about Drag Queen Story Times (DQST) held in public libraries. On the West Coast, young children were photographed having extreme physical contact with a drag queen, while on the East Coast, a drag queen who read to young children was discovered to be involved with numerous lurid and pornographic sexual businesses and activities.

Held in Washington, D.C., the week-long American Library Association (ALA) conference brought well over 21,000 attendees to the nation’s capital and featured workshops with titles such as:  Read more here

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