Communist Forces are trying to SHUT DOWN Christian Crowd Funding Site GiveSendGo 

Christian Owned GiveSendGo is the alternative to the Luciferian run GoFundMe who stopped the support of Kyle Rittenhouse! Due to them taking donations for Kyle’s legal defense fund, the Luciferian hyenas have gone into attack mode!

Update February 4th 2022: The Luciferians at GoFundMe has  screwed the Canadian Trucker out of the 9+ Million willingly and legally donated!

I did not know of these folks until I went to donate to Kyle. I found out they are Christians and are not afraid to proclaim it. In fact, I set up an account.

In my emails back and forth trying to fix a glitch I caused, I got this back from one of the Customer Care Representatives:

Thank you for your encouragement. It has been overwhelming the hate we have been receiving and attempts to take us down.  We appreciate the prayers and support!

I asked if they would put out a statement and they said they would write one up. Well, I guess the attacks were so bad, that had to hire a PR firm to speak for them. Here is what I received from them.

Please share with everyone!



Date: Sept. 3, 2020

 Discover Card bans users from donating to Christian crowdfunding site after campaigns raise money for Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenosha officer

BOSTON – The free Christian crowdfunding site has been under relentless attack by not only those on the left, but also major corporations and vendors including Facebook, Discover Card, Stripe, and more, since allowing the Kyle Rittenhouse campaign to continue to be hosted on the platform, founders of GiveSendGo said in a news release Thursday.

“I remember a time when America was for freedom of speech and for being tolerant of the ideas of others, whether you agreed with those ideas or not,” said Jacob Wells, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and co-founder of GiveSendGo. “Sadly, it seems like many in our society today prefer to trample the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and censor those they disagree with. However, I’ve got news for them – we will not be bullied into abandoning our values.”

Since the Rittenhouse campaign was launched one week ago, nearly $400,000 has already been raised. That is despite GiveSendGo undergoing a barrage of attacks.

Since last week, Facebook has prohibited the ability of Facebook’s users to share the link to the Rittenhouse fundraiser on GiveSendGo. Discover Card announced plans to no longer allow their customers to donate on GiveSendGo. Stripe, the payment processer used by GiveSendGo, has also attempted to shut down their ability to collect payments multiple times, according to Wells. Additionally, Amazon Web Services, which hosts GiveSendGo, reached out to GiveSendGo with a warning. Wells also says the company has received an onslaught of DDoS attacks and fraudulent emails, in addition to violent death threats.

“It’s troubling to think that any American or American business would be against family and friends trying to raise funds for the legal defense of someone who acted in self-defense,” said John Pierce, the attorney representing Kyle Rittenhouse and managing partner of Pierce Bainbridge. “It’s even scarier to think that the media, the mob and the state have abandoned the idea of a basic fundamental human right like the presumption of innocence. We will prove Kyle’s innocence and we are grateful for organizations like GiveSendGo, which have not wavered despite the immense public pressure.”

According to representatives, GiveSendGo allows anyone to use their site, so long as the crowdfunding is legal, even if the founders disagree with the purpose of the campaign.

“We really handle things on a case by case basis, but for the most part, we allow campaigns even if we don’t agree with them, because we want all people to experience the giving nature of Christians and the grace of Jesus Christ,” said Heather Wilson, co-founder of GiveSendGo. “God calls us to give and love our neighbors as ourselves, and we believe that GiveSendGo can and will help lead others to Christ.”

In addition to the Rittenhouse campaign, a controversial new campaign for Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey was launched Thursday by Kenosha Police Officers Charities. Sheskey was the officer who shot Jacob Blake, after Blake reportedly resisted arrest and reached for a weapon.

About GiveSendGo
GiveSendGo is a free Christian crowdfunding site, conceptually established in 2014 and officially launched in 2016, which allows monetary giving in the form of donations, and also allows the opportunity for people to share prayers with campaign organizers. With more than 10,000 campaigns funded so far, GiveSendGo is traditionally used for fundraising for things like medical bills, mission trips, community support, church fundraisers and more. Like the early Christians in the book of Acts, the team at GiveSendGo believes generosity is inherently Christian and is a clear example as how we are commanded to live. By being generous and helping others as Christ commanded, we believe more people will receive God’s word, His grace and come to know eternal salvation through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Second Press Release on Friday 9/4

NEWS RELEASEsyndaver-logo-tag-blue-red-RGB.png

Date: Sept. 4, 2020

SynDaver to refuse payments from Discover after card bans users from donating to Christian website

TAMPA, Fla. – SynDaver, the famous manufacturer of synthetic humans and animals used for medical and scientific learning which has been featured on ABC’s Sharktank, Discovery Channel’s MythBusters and more, announced they will no longer be accepting Discover Card payments as of Friday.

The move comes after Discover Card told Forbes on Thursday that they would ban customers from using their Discover Card on, a Christian crowdfunding platform, after friends and family of Kyle Rittenhouse supported a campaign to help raise funds for his legal defense.

Rittenhouse is the 17-year-old who is accused of shooting three rioters one evening in late August in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“I will not tolerate the double standards and the complete hypocrisy showcased by companies like Discover, Facebook and GoFundMe,” said Dr. Christopher Sakezles, founder of SynDaver. “Kyle has not even been convicted of a crime, yet Discover Card has banned the ability for their customers to donate to his legal defense. This is ironic, as they have no issue with allowing people to send money to inmates and convicts who have been convicted of violent and heinous crimes. If they’ll support criminals, but not respect the internationally recognized human right of presumption of innocence, I will no longer allow our customers to use Discover Card as a payment option.”

A quick search on Google confirms that Discover Card is a widely accepted payment method for people who wish to transfer money to inmates and convicts at many prisons and jails.

According to a press release issued by GiveSendGo Thursday, the company says that Discover Card announced plans to no longer allow their customers to donate on GiveSendGo. Additionally, Facebook has prohibited the ability of Facebook users to share the link to the Rittenhouse fundraiser on GiveSendGo. Stripe, the payment processer used by GiveSendGo, has also attempted to shut down their ability to collect payments multiple times.Furthermore, Amazon Web Services, which hosts GiveSendGo, reached out to GiveSendGo with a warning. GiveSendGo’s founders also says the company had received an onslaught DDoS attacks and fraudulent emails, in addition to violent death threats.

SynDaver will still accept payments made by customers using Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Additionally, if someone is having an issue contributing to Rittenhouse’s defense fund, SynDaver will pass through contributions.  

About SynDaver

Headquartered in Tampa, SynDaver is the world’s leading manufacturer of hyper-realistic, synthetic human and animal models for medical education, training and surgical simulation. SynDaver’s synthetic bodies mimic live tissue properties and are used by high schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, medical device companies and the military for training, testing and validation. SynDaver has the world’s largest database of live-tissue properties. Made from a proprietary formula of water, salts and fibers, the company holds 16 patents on their materials, processes and the related products. SynDaver has more than 100 employees at its facilities in the U.S. and is planning additional facilities in Europe, China, Brazil and India. SynDaver products have been lauded by industry experts and earned a cult following after appearances on ABC’s Shark Tank, MythBusters, Grey’s Anatomy and the series finale of CSI. For more information on SynDaver or their product offerings, visit

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