Hollywood Superstar Claims Victim of Pedophilia, Molested while working for Disney as Child

Bella Thorne says she was sexually assaulted from ages 6-14

Kelen McBreen | Infowars.com – Hollywood actress Bella Thorne alleges she was a victim of pedophilia during her time as a Disney child actress.

In a June 20 interview receiving little attention from MSM, Thorne told a stunned audience she was molested from ages 6-14 while everyone around her “saw and did nothing.”

The comments were made during an interview promoting her upcoming book The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray where she opens up about the abuse and other dark times in her life.

Read and watch the profanity-laced tirade below:


“The transition, it’s definitely tough. But it is what it is. It’s like anything in my life. If you read the book you’ll be like, ‘Haha transitioning from Disney to this was f****** easy.’ I don’t know. Getting molested for f****** from when your six to your fourteen seems like way harder circumstances,” she said.

The actress continued, saying, “You’re being physically abused all the time. Seems like a much more difficult situation than f****** having paparazzi following you since you were twelve. Um, I don’t know. I was still being molested when paparazzi were still f****** following me.”

“So it’s pretty hard in my mind to think of these big flashlight photographs, and everyone thinking they know me and talking about me, but having no idea the type of mistreatment that I was still dealing with at that time. That everyone around me saw and did nothing. So, I don’t know you tell me what’s so hard. ‘Cause that to me, way harder than any of this other shit I deal with on a daily basis,” Thorne vented.

Bella has talked about her tragic past before, saying, “I was sexually abused and physically growing up from the day I can remember till I was 14.”

Disney has often been connected to pedophilia, such as director James Gunn’s 10,000 plus tweets joking about child molestation, veteran executive Jon Heely’s child sex abuse charges, convicted child molester Victor Salva who directed Disney’s film Powder and more.

Hollywood has been a known breeding ground for pedophiles for decades now as proven by numerous cases from Kevin Spacey to Roman Polanski, and dozens of insiders, such as child actor Corey Feldman, have spoken out against the serious epidemic.

In 2016, A-list Hollywood actor Elijah Wood said, “Hollywood is in the grip of child abuse scandal similar to Jimmy Savile” and that “There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind. There is darkness in the underbelly.”

Watch the full Bella Thorne interview below:

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