Mayhem in the Synagogue’s of Satan

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UN-United Baptist Church: Brawl breaks out at Greater Bellevue Baptist Church in Macon Georgia

Matthew 5:22 – But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

Jon Watkins Online Ministries  May 4, 2017
Cynthia Pawl edited and added to this article

I saw the Drudge Report headline “BAPTIST CHURCH BRAWL CAUGHT ON VIDEO” and I just KNEW it most likely took place in a black church. When I followed the link, sure enough, I was right. Oh, I can hear your minds racing already and the outraged remarks:”he is a racist”! Well, set that foolishness aside and set your minds at rest, because I am NOT.  (If you must know, I am married to a very lovely lady of color, of Indian decent.) I just knew what kind of church it was, due to my many years of dealing with the News and being around Church folk in general. This is all about people acting like fools. It’s about people acting like animals when in large groups, like a pack of Hyenas or a school of Piranha on a feeding frenzy!

The behavior reflected in the video is somewhat reflective of racial traits. Many Black people themselves will admit that they have more of a tendency to be loud, to cuss, and to respond with violence. Likely due to their level of frustration and their culture. The EXACT same behaviors that you see on the Daily NEWS with the rioting and crime in general, has been brought INTO the church house! Yes, black thugs and Gang-Bangers frequent the church house! The majority of churches have become social clubs. GOD IS NOT THERE as is obvious in the following story excerpts and Video:

The Telegraph – Chairs were toppled and punches were thrown inside Greater Bellevue Baptist Church in Macon on Monday night after a disagreement about the pastor’s future escalated into a full-on brawl.

[….] the church was standing by as the congregation prepared to vote on whether or not pastor David Stephens would stay, but the deputy had to call for back up when things started getting heated.

“I can’t handle this. This is church, though. They overdoing it, though,” one man said [….]

[….] “Us not having a pastor at all, is that going to make this a better church or worser?”

“Worser!” the man taking the video said. “We want Pastor Stephens. He a big help to the community, though. They trippin.’ ”

“If you keep talking you won’t be able to vote,” a man at the podium told about 150 people in the church. “If y’all don’t vote, y’all just don’t vote.”

[….] 20 minutes into the 35 minute video, church decorum decayed in a matter of seconds.

Young men threw punches and folks shoved each other among chairs that had been knocked over.  See the full article here.

Proverbs 1:10-11 “My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.11 If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause:

I am sorry but this is NOT a church. It is a Social Club, a synagogue of Satan. As you watch the video you will see what is supposed to be a Holy Place, turn to mayhem. I would almost bet you that the preacher is a shyster and one of those prosperity preachers. He is probably fornicating with select Jezebels, which could be the reason some members want him out. Fornication and Adultery is rampant in the church, especially among Pastors and Evangelists!

MOST Churches (regardless of race), across America today, have become nothing more than Social Clubs whose only requirement for membership is that you “call on the Name of the Lord”. There is a mentality that teaches we don’t have to do anything to be saved, because that would be works. Jesus has done it all for us, and we are free. Jesus knows that we are sinners who cannot help ourselves, so HE COVERS US. We can keep right on doing what we please. All we have to do is call out the name of JESUS.

People make an appearance at Church, mostly to see their friends and get that feel-good feeling that comes with the songs. Maybe even a little dancing, if your church is into that. They tolerate the 20 or 30 minute sermon coming from the pulpit, usually assuming the message is meant for the “unsaved”.

If you could walk into any church in America today with a device that could see the heart and spirit of the people, you would probably be shocked. I believe that God has a Minyan, a remnant, in every group, who truly love and KNOW him. However, most of the congregation have a head knowledge only. Their hearts are far from him. Isaiah 29:13 & Matt 15:8:

Christian Churches, so fearful of being connected with the Law, the Old Testament, or GOD FORBID Judaism, have completely thrown out the Commandments. ALL OF THEM. If you dare to even mention them, you are told that you are trying to put people under the Law! You are Blaspheming the Lord! You are making void the work done on the Cross!! UNBELIEVABLE!

No one FEARS the Lord anymore. They don’t even want to hear that. They preach that GOD is ONLY Love and Gentleness and GOODNESS ALL THE TIME. He would never PUNISH his people. Never cause disaster or suffering.


The entire purpose of the OLD TESTAMENT, was to demonstrate to the world exactly what it takes to stand before A HOLY GOD! He did not change anything. The NEW TESTAMENT was written into the PLAN from the beginning. It was not an after thought, or a response to the failure of the Jews/Hebrews. If you read the whole book, it is clear that the end was planned from the beginning. If you know God and are lead by His Spirit, then you know that GOD loves the Jewish/Hebrew people.

Whether you like it or not, they are HIS CHOSEN people. The plot culminates in GOD returning to ISRAEL and Opening the EYES that HE has blinded. THE JEWISH/HEBREW people are still playing out their role in the story. He has kept them blinded from their MESSIAH, so that the Gentiles could have their time to learn to walk in HIS Ways. When he comes again, the whole world will understand the story from beginning to end. When HE brings all things to their fulfillment and Jews and Gentiles are one. Please read this article:

The CHURCH thinks the Jews blew it and God is done with them. NOT! If that were true, then the CHURCH is in TROUBLE! The Church is no better than Israel. The Church has failed HIM. The Church has made up their own version of the Gospel. They don’t understand, that JESUS paid the redemption price, so that we could have the opportunity to come back into fellowship with GOD. He did not do away with the LAW! God is still GOD. He is still HOLY. “Be thou Holy as I AM HOLY”Levit 11:44 & 1Peter 1:6. Please read this article:

If you want to understand what it means to be CHOSEN of GOD check out this article:


Other Black Church Brawl Videos

Greater Zion Baptist ChurchChurch service at Great Faith Ministries International in DetroitOld Men fighting at ChurchPastor gets attacked after preachingNew Galilean Jackson Mississippi 2015Memphis Tenn. 2016. Brawl after church in the street

Is there a need to keep listing more to get the point across?

These are just a few of dozens of news stories I have saved:
These listed are just the black offenders as we are talking today about a black church. There are dozens more! I have dozens of White and OTW’s (other then white) as well!

Preacher sentenced to 35 yrs for Child Molestation

Detroit Pastor falls from grace, gets prison for fraud

Shepard doing a little Extra Counseling at Sheep’s Home

All in the Family: Pastor accused of affair with goddaughter.

Kansas Pastor charged with punching, kicking a church member

Not one, but Two Ohio ‘Ministers’ Arrested on Sex Trafficking Charges

It is crazy, people have gone mad! People wonder why church attendance is falling off. Well, this is part of the reason!

Oh and just to throw this bit of info into the mix. Black Churches seem to lean Democrat and Love Abortion. They are ignorant to the fact that Planned Parenthood was set up mainly to EXTERMINATE the black race. They are also ignorant that the KKK was founded by DEMOCRATS!

Read this two part series: Smyrna Church Spirit Alive and Doing Well!


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