Signs of the Times: Monster Hail Causes Over a Billion Dollars Damage in Texas

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Luke 21:28 “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

The apocalyptic hail was so big in Texas yesterday that it went through roofs, destroyed windows and broke cars

Strange Sounds – Hail as large as softballs rained down Wednesday evening as severe thunderstorms struck parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

apocalyptic hail storm Texas and Oklahoma April 2021, apocalyptic hail storm Texas and Oklahoma April 2021 video, apocalyptic hail storm Texas and Oklahoma April 2021 photo
Gigantic hail destroys part of Texas and Oklahoma on April 28, 2021.

There were 38 reports of severe hail across Texas and Oklahoma, including near San Antonio, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

Areas near San Antonio and Dallas were hit hard by the damaging, solftball sized precipitation, which broke windows and even penetrated homes’ roofs.

Yes, the hail was so big and had so much force that it came through the roof in many areas and even sheet rock on interior walls in some areas.

We were in an interior closet with our children. It was eerily still outside and then we heard a loud noise and the house shook a bit with the first big hailstone,” explained Rebecca Gilliam, a resident of Hondo, Texas.

Vehicles were left windowless after being pelted by the large stones.

apocalyptic hail storm Texas and Oklahoma April 2021, apocalyptic hail storm Texas and Oklahoma April 2021 video, apocalyptic hail storm Texas and Oklahoma April 2021 photo
Apocalyptic hail left a trail of destruction in Texas and Oklahoma on April 28, 2021.

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The barrage was part of a huge regional storm that also saw reports of tornadoes.

The hail damage yesterday could become yet another billion-dollar weather disaster for the US,” said CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen. “This could be the second billion-dollar disaster this year in Texas, after the extreme Arctic outbreak back in February.

Many times the storms impact more rural areas in this part of the country, but in this case the largest hail targeted large populated areas like San Antonio, Forth Worth and Oklahoma City, so more property was damaged,” Hennen added.


Three-inch hail, which is equivalent to baseball or apples, was reported in north Fort Worth. It smashed car windows and likely caused roof damage.

It was very loud. The hail was pelting the house, hitting the windows, we were just hoping that the windows were going to hold up and wouldn’t break,” said Haley Brink, a CNN meteorologist. “At one point it was so loud that you couldn’t hear a person ten feet away from you talking without yelling.

Luckily our cars were in the garage, but looks like there were dents on the metal vents and gutters on the roof,” added Brink.

The National Weather Service office in Austin/San Antonio said this was a widespread hail event.

Other people were not so lucky, given their cars remained outside during the storm.

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Another severe thunderstorm produced significant hail in the Norman, Oklahoma, area. Hail up to the size of baseballs was reported there. Look at them in Walmart… Hail is going through the roof too!

In addition to large, damaging hail, storms also produced damaging winds and a few possible tornadoes. Look at that! It is insane!

Storms shift east Thursday, stretching from the central Gulf Coast to the Mid-Atlantic Coast, with the primary threat being damaging winds. [CNN]

Gorilla hail hit Texas about 2 weeks ago… A new trend?

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