The Attack on God’s Word

The following text is taken from a book, “Bible Versions”, authored by Eldred Thomas, B.A. THM. (Deceased) I have one copy left and may seek to have it reprinted.

Beginning in the garden of Eden, Satan attacked the truth of the Word of God. This has persisted until present day. Satan succeeded in corrupting the world. The flood came and brought destruction that necessitated a new beginning. He tried again, resulting in the confusion of Babel and the beginning of Babylon and false religion. This false system permeated Eastern religions, the philosophical thought of Greece and Rome, and finally the embryo church, after the death of the Apostle John near 100 A.D. Satan has always worked through philosophy and false religions to try to destroy the knowledge of God and his word.

The prominent people that satan used from the beginning are known. Before the flood, Noah’s unbelieving son, Ham, helped perpetuate the influence of evil. Among the great perverters of truth was Nimrod. Nimrod was a mighty hunter, a powerfully built man who was admired by all the women of his realm. So great was he that the east is filled with traditions of his great prowess and accomplishments. The first kingdom mentioned in the bible is that of Nimrod.

Not only was Nimrod against the true God, but he was also a priest of devil- worship and of heathenism of the worst kind. Nimrod, the priest King, finally died and his wife, Queen Semiramis, proclaimed him the sun god. This adulterous and idolatrous woman gave birth to an illegitimate son called Tammuz and she claimed that he was Nimrod, incarnate. She, being acquainted evidently with Genesis 3:5, claimed also that he was the promised seed, the savior. Not only was Tammuz worshipped, but the mother was also worshipped. This corrupt system filled the world.

Numerous monuments of Babylon show the goddess mother Semiramis with her child Tammuz in her arms. When the religion of Babylon was carried to the ends of the earth, mother and child worship was also carried, hence: among the Chinese, the holy mother was called “Shingmoo” or the “Holy Mother.” She is pictured with her child in her arms with rays of light around her head. The ancient Germans worshiped the virgin “Hertha” with child in arms. The Scandinavians called her “Disa” who was picture with a child. The Etruscans called her “Nutria,” and among the Druids, the Virgo-Paritura” was worshipped as the “Mother of God.” In India she was known as Indrani, who was also represented with child in arms.

The Babylonian mother was known as Aphrodite or Ceres to the Greeks; Nana, to the Sumerians; and as Venus or Fortuna in Rome, and her child as Jupiter. In Jeremiah 44:17-19. there is a stern rebuke for worshipping the “queen of heaven who was Ashtaroth. In Ephesus the great mother was known as Diana. In Egypt, the Babylonian mother was known as Isis and her child Horus. Even in Mexico the mother and child were worshipped. During the days of the Roman Empire, mother and child worship permeated the Empire. This was before the establishment of the church of our Lord.

When the church was established, the enemy already had a back log of pre- arrangements with which to subtly infiltrate the organized church to pollute its message and dilute its power. The church was soon to accept most of the heathen Babylonish beliefs and practices. This was only the beginning of corruptions. So corrupt did the church become that persons who believed differently were condemned as heretics and killed by burning at the stake. It is estimated that millions perished in this manner. One only has to review the history of the inquisition to be reminded of these horrible “holocausts”


Philosophy had its part in separating man from God. In the East there is Buddha and Confucius, who lived 557-477 B.C. and 551-478 B.C. I Greece were Thales, Anaxemines, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, who lived during the period from 600 B.C. to 322 B.C. Greek philosophy thriving at Alexandria in Egypt was soon to have its influence in the early church. Gnosticism was the favorite of many of the philosophers. Gnostics believe there were many eons of beings between God and physical matter, including the logos, Christ and Jesus.

During the middle ages scholastic philosophy flourished with an attempt to harmonize faith and reason. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) used Aristotle’s philosophy as a foundation of the Roman Catholic religion of works. The early modern philosophers were rationalistic. They made reason (the thinking mind) the starting point of their systems. Among these were Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz: living during the period from 1594 – 1716.

The next group believed in thought as simply a series of experiences (mental). They were called empiricists. They denied the existence of innate ideas. They were Locke, Berkeley, and Hume. They lived from 1632 – 1776. They were followed by Immanuel Kant (1724 -1804) who believed that certain knowledge is confined to the realm of experience. They were followed by George F. Hagel (1770 – 1832) whop believed that history is the third phase of the universal process (Dialectic). The other two being logic converting itself into nature and returning to itself as spirit.

Since Hegel, we have had existentialism which is the emphasis of each individual’s life situation and its possible choices. It began in Denmark by Soren Kirekegaard (1813-1855). It was revived after WW1 by Jaspers (1883-1969) and Heideggar (born 1905). In the theological field, Karl Barth (1886-1968) was the leading existentialist.

From a neutral position of the philosophers, satan led them a step further into atheism which is a natural consequence. One of the most common forms of atheism is materialism. From 1748 until 1855, La Metrie, Holback, Moleschott, and Vogt published works that expounded their doctrines. La Metrie believed that the soul was non existent and he ridiculed the natural evidences of God. Holback taught that belief in God leads to priest craft and persecution and interferes with natural morality. Moleschott taught that thought is produced by phosphorous and Vogt asserted that thought stands in the same relationship to the brain as urine is to the kidneys.

During the 19th. century, the emphasis shifted from the relation of the soul and body to the question of the origin of life. Before Louis Pasteur proved in 1862 that no known form of life could be generated spontaneously, Van Helmont, William Harvey, Descartes, and even Isaac Newton believed in such preposterous so- called scientific explanations such as: Live mice could be generated by placing a dirty shirt in a owl of wheat germs or the worms and insects could be generated from decayed matter. All of the above intellectuals believed similar things. Man has always run amuck by trusting in human rationalism and intellectual discovery without the aid of God and his God-breathed word.

The same can be said for positivism, which believes that there are no spiritual agencies in the universe, no efficient causes, nothing but events which take place according to natural law; Cybernetics, which teaches that man is a machine and there are no differences between machines and animals. Published in 1948 by Norbert Wiener, professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his well known book on Cybernetics has captured a long segment of unbelieving philosophical naturalists who agree with him that all human striving is in vain and that entropy must win over information and the universe must end in chaos. After all is said, nothing times nothing equals nothing (0x0=0). Only Gods Holy Word can bring man from chaos to light!

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