Truth or Propaganda from the Middle East

Are we being told the truth about Persecuted Christians in the Middle East

The Blind Leading the Blind?

Matthew 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

Jon Watkins   Online Ministries   August 7, 2014

We must be careful of what we endorse and get worked up about as far as news stories go of Christian persecution. I do it when I see these Muslim stories where they are burning churches, Killing Christians, and taking down crosses. Some of these stories are true and some are outright false meant to get people in the west enraged to back and agenda of the government to go in and take over, being justified because they harmed Children or kill Christians.

For instance, this was the case in the first Iraq war when the Kuwaiti girl testified that she saw the Iraqi guard throwing babies out of incubators onto the cold floor leaving them to die! That story was instrumental in the American people backing the first invasion of Iraq. That story was a LIE. The girl that testified was the 15 year old daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador and she was no where near the hospital she claims to have seen this. In fact, she was coached and rehearsed what she testified to Congress. Read the facts here

Then there is the recent story I came across and posted of the 1,000-member secretive progressive journalist group uncovered. These are the types of people who intentionally falsify news and push an agenda to control the thinking and emotions of the population. Facebook did it in an experiment recently and people went up in arms but went back to sleep and still use Facebook.

I am just as guilty of falling into the trap without taking a step back and reading the lines and more importantly between the lines, hence the reason for questioning the story below.

Islamic State pulls down church crosses in northern Iraq as 200,000 flee
This is the headline at the Telegraph UK and the story got me to thinking a bit.

I find this picture and caption most disturbing. “An Iraqi man carrying a cross and a Koran attends a mass at Mar Girgis Church in Baghdad (Reuters)”

Go here to see the caption under the pic if you question it

What is a supposed Christian doing with a Koran and a Crucifix! This is the mixing called Chrislam which has no place in a true believers life. If this is what is spreading throughout Iraq, then glory to God that it is being broken up. Coupled with the fact that this person is at Mass in a Catholic Church raises alarm bells in my spirit. Catholics do not preach or tell people that Islam will send them to hell because they themselves are going to hell. The Catholic doctrine is wrong as wrong can be and Catholicism is NOT Christian, it is a mass of Pagan Rituals. I am sure some will hate me but truth is truth.

I am not saying that what is happening over there is not sad and is an atrocity, to the contrary. Evil is running rampant and combining the two false religions will not accomplish a thing. The only thing that is going to stop it is when Jesus comes back to put an end to it all. Until then, real Christianity needs to be preached and sinners need to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ to avoid Hell. Catholicism is not teaching them that.

All that is being accomplished is the media manipulating the masses to gain approval for another invasion to destroy countries and murder millions of innocent people. That is what is happening at this very moment. These Muslims are slaughtering thousands of fellow countryman funded and backed by the rouge elements and war mongers in the American government.

Yes these people are suffering and my heart goes out to them but feeding them false doctrine only leads to spiritual death!!