Abortion News November 17, 2018

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No Abortion for Unborn Baby with Rare Brain Disorder

Prenatal Surgery Exposes Abortion for What It Really Is

They Were Weeping Their Abortions, Not Shouting Them

Kentucky abortion fight aimed at second-trimester procedure

Ohio becomes latest state to try to pass ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban

Planned Parenthood Lists 7 Ways to Be Gender-Inclusive in Your Language

Planned Parenthood President Fails to Mention Its Main Service Is Abortion

UN human rights body defends abortion under right to life. One expert calls it preposterous

Abortion debate intensifies after amendments pass removing abortion protections in 2 states

HHS official vows to pursue research ‘alternatives’ to aborted fetal tissueDon’t hold your breath!

Texas law bans abortions that dismember a fetus in the womb, and abortion fans want it overturned

Just as easily as the Supreme Court gave us the right to an abortion, Trump’s justices can take it away

Feds Have Not Decided Whether to Extend UCSF’s Contract to Humanize Mice With Aborted Baby Parts

Remaining secrets in baby-body-parts-4-sale scheme Planned Parenthood claims it wasn’t profiting but refuses to release evidence

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