All in the Family: Pastor accused of affair with goddaughter

Wife of 20 years exposed shenanigans in mass text message

(CBN) — There are reports that a popular pastor and mentee of Bishop T.D. Jakes had an extra-marital affair with his “spiritual daughter.”

Update April 25: Pastor Mentored by T.D. Jakes Resigns, Separates from Wife. I guess ole TD’s “mentoring” is as false as his beliefs and preaching!

Pastor Chris Hill of the Potter’s House in Dever has been accused of having an affair with Shirnae McFarlane, a married church employee and his goddaughter.

CBN News reached out to the church for comment and received the following statement. Read the rest here.

This is not surprising since T.D. Jakes is a Charlatan and is a CINO, Christian In Name Only!

See info on him and other Vultures of a feather in this video report: