Justin Bieber Born Again? Pop Star’s Unholy Orgies

I can assure you that Justin Bieder is NOT Born Again. He is mentored by Apostate Carl Lentz of the Devils Den Hillsong Church!

Singer turning Sunday school into sex ed

National ENQUIRER Staff – Bible-Toting Justin Bieber’s tour Down Under has been nothing but a sleazy sex fest!

The National ENQUIRER has learned the 23-year-old “Love Yourself” singer gets his pick of gorgeous bedmates nightly — AFTER he lectures them about Christianity!

“Justin has a routine. In every Australian city he’s in, his people get in touch with a modeling agency that sends for escorts who will visit his room,” snitched a spy.

“There is no pay, just free food and drink and ‘meeting’ Justin — which is supposed to be the big reward.”

An escort agency also arranged a private cruise for the pop brat in Melbourne, supplying a bevy of models, dished the source.

“Justin tells the girls the Bible is his favorite book, and they’re doing the Lord’s work, showing their beauty, and he hopes they’re letting Jesus into their hearts!” the spy squealed.

“Seriously, they’re showing off their boobs and their butts, and throwing themselves at him — and Justin is asking if they have a personal relationship with Jesus!”

The ladies sometimes play along and ask Justin if he can help them get closer to God.

“Any girls showing an interest in Christianity usually get the fast track to his hotel suite,” the spy said.

To keep his horny antics quiet, Justin’s hook-ups sign confidentiality agreements that say they’ll be sued for millions if they spill what goes on behind closed doors, said the insider.

“But word gets out — Justin doesn’t sleep alone!” tattled the spy.

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