Blogger Celebrates Her “Awesome” Abortion: “It Was a Joyful Experience”

Kristen Brown illustrates article with images of smiley faces and champagne bottles

Paul Joseph Watson – March 1, 2016 –  Whatever your views on abortion, celebrating the act of ending a human life as “joyful” and “awesome” is completely vile.

But that’s what left-wing blogger Kristen V. Brown felt the need to do in the latest example of how liberals are attempting to turn what should be a sobering decision into a cause for jubilation.

Entitled I had an abortion and it was a totally joyful experience, the article, posted on, was illustrated with an image of smiley face emoticons, party paraphernalia and champagne bottles.

To cut a long and sordid story short, Brown was dating a man who she lost interest in after he “bought a house and a puppy and made clear that he was rapidly heading toward settling down.”

However, being the class act that she is, Brown met up with the man weeks later and ended up having drunken sex without him using a condom.

The very next day, Brown, “Made an appointment for an STD test, blocked his number, unfriended him on Facebook, and sincerely hoped to never see him again.”

After she visited Planned Parenthood and had the abortion, “everything was fine again”.

“I felt powerful, as if there were no obstacle I couldn’t surmount. I felt a deep sense of freedom, knowing that my only responsibility was to myself. I was overcome with gratitude and optimism and a new-found sense of control. I felt awesome,” she writes.

Brown goes on to assail pro-lifers who insist that abortion shouldn’t be treated as a “joyful experience,” writing that her decision to terminate the baby was “just a relief,” and that the abortion, “allowed me to pursue the life I wanted, and to become the person that I wanted to be”.

“I wouldn’t call that dark or painful. Actually, I think I would call it a joy,” she concludes.

As we’ve previously highlighted, leftists have exemplified their total disregard for human life by abandoning pro- abortion arguments on the basis of women’s rights in favor of glorifying what should be treated as a somber procedure.

Back in 2014, a counselor at a New Jersey abortion clinic celebrated her own abortion by posting it on YouTube in order to treasure her “special memory”.

Earlier that year, the D.C. Abortion Fund (DCAF), an organization that helps poor women pay for abortions, caused controversy by offering a ‘coat hanger’ pendant to contributors who donate $10 or more a month for women in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia to terminate their pregnancies.

In 2004, abortion advocate and author Jennifer Baumgardner launched the “I Had an Abortion” project in order to encourage women who had terminated pregnancies to embrace their decision. In a promotional stunt for the campaign, feminist Gloria Steinem wore a t-shirt which read, “I had an abortion” while adopting a smiling, celebratory pose.

In 2013, footage was released of abortion advocates chanting “Hail Satan” in unison at the Texas State Capitol building during a pro-life gathering.

Arguing that abortion is part of a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body is one thing.

Arguing that the termination of a human life is a “joyful” and “empowering” thing is just demented.

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