Crooked Hillary Clinton thinks that God put Her on Earth to be President

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Dick Morris says Hillary Clinton is looking for an opening to join 2020 race

Former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris says he believes Hillary Clinton is preparing to run for president again in 2020, saying the twice-failed presidential candidate thinks “God put her on the Earth” to be POTUS. Morris predicted Sunday that Hillary Clinton is seeking any opening she can find to join the race and run for the presidency again in 2020. 

Speaking to New York businessman and broadcaster John Catsimatdis on his Sunday radio show, Morris said he’s sure she’ll find a way because the former first lady believes she was sent by God to be president. 

Morris said on “The Cats Roundtable” show that “the ghost of Hillary Clinton” will jump into the race because she “feels entitled” to win the White House. “I think at the moment, the issue is; will the ghost of Hillary Clinton come out and get into the election?” Morris asked. Read more at the Source: NeonNettle

Yea, she was sent by god, the god of this world system, who’s name just happen to be Lucifer, Satan, The Devil, The Evil One!!

Many believe that Hillary is the result of the Babylon Working. A Satanic Ritual manifestation of Sex Magic!

The Babalon Working was a series of magic ceremonies or rituals performed from January to March, 1946 by author, pioneer rocket-fuel scientist, co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and occultist Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. This ritual was essentially designed to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon. The project was based on the ideas of Aleister Crowley, and his description of a similar project in his 1917 novel Moonchild.

When Parsons declared that the first of the series of rituals was complete and successful he almost immediately met Marjorie Cameron in his own home, and regarded her as the elemental that he and Hubbard had called through the ritual. Soon Parsons began the next stage of the series, an attempt to conceive a child through sexual magick workings. Although no child was conceived, this did not affect the result of the ritual to that point. Parsons and Cameron, who Parsons now regarded as the Scarlet Woman – Babalon – called forth by the ritual, soon married.

The rituals performed drew largely upon rituals and sex magic described by English author and occult teacher Aleister Crowley. Crowley was in correspondence with Parsons during the course of the Babalon Working, and warned Parsons of his potential overreactions to the magick he was performing, while simultaneously deriding Parsons’ work to others. Source Wikipedia.

More on Parsons and an interesting theory about Hillary Clinton.

“Parsons was also an avid practitioner of the occult arts, and a follower of Thelema. He saw no contradiction between his scientific and magical pursuits: before each rocket test launch, Parsons would invoke the god Pan.

He was chosen by Aleister Crowley to lead Agape Lodge, the Thelemic Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) in California in 1942 after Crowley expelled Wilfred Smith from the position.

Sarah Elizabeth Northrup (aka ‘Betty’), began living with Parsons after his wife, Sarah’s half-sister Helen Northrup, left with Wilfred Smith. Sarah Elizabeth Northrup later married L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology and sometime magickal partner of Parsons. Parsons and Hubbard participated in a ritual known as the Babalon Working which is famous in occult circles — loosely, it was an attempt to summon a living goddess and change the course of history. They were aided in this work by Sampson Bennetts of the Rosicrucian Order and his wife Sara Melian Gabriel, a well known spiritualist from India.

In January of 1946, Parsons, Betty, and Hubbard started a boat dealing company named Allied Enterprises. Parsons put in a large sum of approximately $21,000—Hubbard put in $1,200, and Betty nothing. Hubbard eventually abandoned Parsons and their business plans, leaving a port in Florida with the boat and Betty. It is said Parsons retreated to his hotel room and summoned a typhoon in retribution (i.e. evocation of Bartzabel [2] – intelligence presiding Mars). Legend or not, Hubbard and the ship were washed ashore in a freak storm the same day. A Florida court later dissolved the poorly contracted business, ordered repayment of debts to Parsons and awarded ownership of the boat to Hubbard.

Parsons set out to find another partner, his so called “scarlet woman”, a magickal partner with whom he could sire a “Moonchild.” The Moonchild is traditionally the incarnation of a God, as prophesied in Crowley’s channeled script ‘The Book of the Law’ (The creation of this Moonchild was covered in Crowley’s novel of the same name).

When Parsons met artist and poet Marjorie Cameron, he regarded her as the fulfilment of his magical rituals. This same year he resigned his leadership of the O.T.O.

The Hubbard/Allied relationship lasted until 1947, when Hubbard defrauded Parsons of a sum of money and ran off with Sarah Northrup. Hubbard used much of this money from Allied Enterprises to promulgate and publish his book Dianetics, which later evolved into and was superseded by Scientology.” Source Wikipedia.

An interesting theory I came across is that HILLARY CLINTON is a result of that Babalon Working! That would make her the Satanic Moon Child possessed by a very powerful Demon or Fallen Angel!

I think it was in the Spirit world video and it goes farther to say that later Marjorie admitted that Parsons had impregnated her while he was possessed during a satanic ritual and that the fetus was taken from her placed into this big metal thing buried and irradiated at the first nuclear bomb tests, and that the baby had survived and was female. That much was on the video but my theory is if that is true the baby could possibly be Hillary Clinton, she was born in 1948? Source.


The Following Excerpts taken from the Chance George Blog July 10, 2016 C K George

What Crowley wanted to do (was) “to resurrect the God Horus into a modern day child, in fact a female child. This woman would end up being on the world stage. A leader and dominate feminist. This would, in the time of a new age, or what everyone was freaking out about in 2012 would help transform humanity into its next great leap.

The new human in fact is here in the newest scientific break throughs in fields like:
Cybernetics, Bioengineering, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and synthetic biology or what is more commonly known as Transhumanist or the Hybrid man (see this most important video on Transhumanism HERE). Did Crowley succeed to create this offspring… well in 1946 Jack Parson admits in his own writing that they did in fact do such very thing. NASA leaves all involvement with Aleister out of any record from the famous Parsons. They even document an 11 day experiment at the start of 1947. They stated out to the public that no such feat was reached but in internal writings Jack says different.

Nine months after this there is only one female we can find in the USA born during this time frame and had an enormous career in the public, was a strong woman of power and is now headed right toward Leader of the entire free world as most Modern US Presidents are referred to. Hillary Clinton, she not only fits the political leader role but also she was born Hillary “Diane” Rodham on October 26, 1947. Diane is the name given to the Roman Moon Goddess. In Egypt the lunar Goddess is Isis.

We have before us for the first time since its construction a women born possibly at the hands of an evil black magick ritual, named after the very Goddess she planes to incarnate. Standing in the Capital Dome or the symbolic ever pregnant belly of Isis. Accept in her position as the leader of the world. It seems this is in no way just all by chance. A city built to bring back ancient gods in fact now is the place this very ceremony is happening.” Read the entire article: HERE.

Read the entire Hillary Clintons Witchcraft Part 10. In fact, read the whole series about this wicked one starting here

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