LGBTQPXYZ News: November 7, 2018

Professor Investigated for Declining to Address Male Student With Feminine Pronouns Files Suit

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio — An Ohio professor who was placed under investigation for declining to address a male student who identifies as female with feminine pronouns has filed suit, stating that he should not be forced to violate his Christian convictions.

Dr. Nicholas Meriwether, a philosophy professor at Shawnee State University, says that for many years, he has referred to his students as “mister” or “miss” or “sir” or “ma’am” as a way of teaching his students how to be respectful to each other, especially in environments where there is sharp disagreement over a controversial subject matter.

In January, during his political philosophy class, he responded to a male student’s question with a “Yes, sir,” but was approached by the student after class, who advised that he identifies as female and would prefer to be referred to with feminine pronouns.

According to the legal challenge, Meriwether thought for a moment and then told the student that he was not sure if he could comply with the request. The student consequently became angry and spouted a vulgarity in close proximity to Meriwether’s face. He allegedly threatened to have the professor fired if he did not refer to him as a woman. Read more here

Ontario pedophile who ‘cured himself’ seeks release so he can work with vulnerable children

NO! He did NOT cure himself and if they release him, he will kidnap and KILL! ONLY JESUS can set you free from demon possession!

A diagnosed pedophile who claims he cured himself is fighting for community freedom so he can work with sexually abused children.

Kristopher Ginn is being treated at a psychiatric hospital near London, Ont., where recent testing showed he maintained a sexual interest in children. Although deemed a danger to the public, he is moving towards community living — but not with the speed he apparently wishes.

Ginn, 37, complained to the Court of Appeal for Ontario that the Ontario Review Board still declares him to be a significant risk. The court dismissed his appeal this week; however, the board’s decision for a gradual move into the community remains.

Ginn’s charges that put him in detention did not involve child victims.

In 2009, while he was undergoing psychiatric treatment in London, he asked a stranger on a park bench for a cigarette. After accepting a cigarette and a light, Ginn suddenly jumped up and yelled “I’m the devil, I am going to kill everyone,” according to a police report. He then attacked the stranger and was charged with assault causing bodily harm.

That same year, Ginn was charged with assault after accusing a fellow psychiatric patient of being a “child molester.” During the confrontation, Ginn spat on the other man, according to a police report. He was charged with assault. Read the rest here.

Tranny activists now targeting shelter for battered women

Transgender-rights activists have disrupted American life in a number of ways already.

They’ve demanded girls be allowed in boys’ showers in schools. Men have marched into women’s lockers in recreation centers and disrobed and showered. They’ve insisted that males and females are interchangeable in the U.S. military.

Now they are demanding that men be served at a faith-based shelter that provides a retreat for women abused by men.

The Equal Rights Commission in Anchorage, Alaska, is claiming that the Downtown Hope Center is violating a city non-discrimination ordinance.

But the Alliance Defending Freedom argues the measure specifically exempts such shelters.

Further, the Downtown Hope Center is a faith-based organization that cannot be ordered to violate its religious beliefs, ADF contends in a legal complaint.

ADF filed the lawsuit in federal court on behalf of the Downtown Hope Center against the city, the Equal Rights Commission and its director, Pamela Basler.

The dispute was prompted by an “inebriated and injured man” demanding admittance to the women’s center. The center referred him to a hospital. Read more at WND

Illinois Attorney General Sues Bed & Breakfast Owner for Not Paying Damages to Men Denied Same-Sex Ceremony on Property 

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The attorney general of Illinois has filed a lawsuit against a Christian bed and breakfast owner for not paying $30,000 in damages to two men who filed a discrimination complaint against him after he declined to allow them to use his property to hold a ceremony celebrating their civil union.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a complaint in Ford County Circuit Court on Oct. 23 against Walder Vacuflo Inc., which operates the TimberCreek Bed and Breakfast in Paxton.

“Madigan’s complaint alleges Walder Vacuflo has failed to comply with an order issued by the Illinois Human Rights Commission (IHRC) directing the company to pay damages to a gay couple after refusing to host their civil union ceremony,” a press release from Madigan’s office outlines. Read the rest here

Transgender Mania

Let’s be honest — there’s something intrinsically creepy about the whole transgender idea. Pretend all you want, say all you want, but the idea of a man asking to be castrated, taking hormone shots, and putting on a dress makes one’s skin crawl.

This transgender mania began with the sudden obsession and mass glorification of a celebrity who decided to switch genders. You may remember the orgiastic reaction by the leftist media: “Bruce Jenner is courageous! He’s very courageous! She’s so courageous! Let’s give her the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. I’m so inspired by how courageous he/she/it is! Aren’t you?”

Predictably, the LGBTQBSLMAO community embraced the latest movement. So did feminists. For decades, the Lysenko-feminists proclaimed that sex is a social construct, not genetic, not biological, that culture determines gender. Sex is arbitrarily assigned at birth. Sexuality is, therefore, fluid and can be changed like one’s shirt. Jim Goad’s retort is perfect: “It never seems to occur to these dolts that culture is an expression of biology.” Read the rest here.



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