PILLs: Perverts In Lunatic Land News August 22nd 2022

The Sexual Perverts are after YOUR  Children and Grand-Children! 

And because there is so much news about the perverts, I can’t keep up with it and am overwhelmed! So…, I will just gather a few headlines in the “Perverts in Lunatic Land” Section and post it once or twice a week! These are the epitome of Romans One!

Don’t know what Romans One says? Well Listen:


K-12 Teachers In Texas Are Urged To Take This ‘LGBTQIA+’ Training on Taxpayers’ Dime, Here’s The Course Materials They Are Given To Brainwash Students

The Austin Independent School District in Texas is pushing K-12 teachers to attend a training seminar on “how to create supportive learning environments for LGBTQIA+” students as young as five at taxpayer expense.

Documents presented in the “Be A Beacon” gender course were obtained by a public information request and published by the Washington Free Beacon on Saturday.

The course materials instruct teachers to define gender identity as “one’s authentic identity” and the “innermost concept of self as male, female, neither or both.” Read the rest here

NBC News Admits Sodomy, Not Skin Contact, Is Fueling Monkeypox

So How About Those Children and Those Dogs?

NBC News finally admits what we knew all along. The Sexual Perverts are spreading it. Read about it here

Wisconsin pastor among 6 arrested in St. Paul-Stillwater prostitution of minors sting

A sting operation this week in St. Paul and Stillwater led to the arrest of six people who now face felony charges in connection with attempting to solicit minors for sex or trafficking.

Undercover agents posed as minors or sex buyers on social media and made arrangements to meet the adults. When the adults arrived, they were arrested, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

One of the men, Jason James Taylor, is a pastor at Calvary Chapel Solid Rock in New Richmond, Wis. Taylor, 47, of New Richmond, was arrested and booked into Washington County jail on suspicion of felony solicitation of a minor for prostitution. Read the rest here

Transgender Organization Lowers Age Recommendation for Sex Change Surgeries and Hormones

The leading trade group for transgender surgeons and doctors is lowering its approved ages for sex-change surgeries and sex-shifting hormones, according to a draft recommendation.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) new guidance lowers the recommended age for cross-sex hormones from 16 to 14 years, according to a guidance draft obtained by The Post Millennial this week. The age for double mastectomies, the removal of breasts, has been lowered to 15. Sixteen-year-old boys may seek breast augmentations, facial surgeries and tracheal shaves to reduce the appearance of an Adam’s apple. Read the rest here

Illinois School Districts Reject Democrats’ Sex Education Standards

On August 10, the Center Square reported that 96% of school districts (534 out of 554) in Illinois have opted out of the state’s proposed standards for sex education in public schools included in a bill authored, passed, and signed into law by Democrats, despite the fact that Illinois is considered one of the “big three” most liberal states in the nation.

In May 2021, Illinois Democratic lawmakers passed a bill that aligned the state standards with the “National Sex Education Standards” (NSES). The NSES were authored in part by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), which brands itself as “Sex Ed for Social Change” and “commits to working to dismantle the systems of power and oppression which perpetuate disparate sexual and reproductive health outcomes…” Read the rest here

Child Doctor: Infants Know They’re Trannys ‘Seemingly From The Womb’

Note: That may be partly true as LGBTQPXYZ DEMONS are handed down through family lines!!!

A psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Gender Multispecialty Service (GeMS) states in a video titled “Caring for Young Transgender Kids” that many children know they are transgender “as early as seemingly from the womb.”

“A good portion of children do know as early as seemingly from the womb,” says Kerry McGregor, PsyD. in a Boston Children’s Hospital video from May 2021. “And they will usually express their gender identity as very young children, some as soon as they can talk. They may say phrases such as ‘I’m a girl,’ or ‘I’m a boy,’ or ‘I’m going to be a woman,’ ‘I’m going to be a mom.’” Read the rest here

Licensed counselor and sex therapist advocates for “MAPs” (minor attracted persons). She says they are “vilified” and “marginalized” and shouldn’t be referred to as pedophiles

Listen to this Sex Therapist who is more than likely a Sexual Pervert!

Florida Bans Medicaid Coverage for Sex Changes; LGBT Lobby Melts Down

Florida’s rainbow lobby is incensed that taxpayers won’t be subsidizing their lifestyle.

LGBT groups are blasting a rule by Florida health officials scheduled to go into effect later this month that will prevent Medicaid from being used to cover “gender dysphoria” treatments that transgenders undergo in order to “transition.”

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) put out the rule this month. Per state records, it will become effective on August 21.

Prior to the new rule’s publication, the agency put out a report that detailed how “treatments” like puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment surgery are neither safe nor effective. The report was signed in June by Tom Wallace, Florida’s Medicaid director. Read the rest here

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