Southern Poverty Law Center Documentary – Profit$ of Hate

EVIL posing as GOOD – The SPLC have devolved into a vicious group of God hating devils!

Once a group dedicated to fighting actual hate groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center has now turned to slandering and demonizing Christian and conservative organizations, labeling them “hate groups.” These groups are placed in the same category as the KKK on the SLPC’s “hate map” for merely upholding traditional standards of marriage and sexual morality.

The SPLC has enlisted in the culture wars on the side of the radical Left, and raised a huge amount of money from misled followers in doing so. Their false designations and demonization of Christians and conservatives has even led to violence.

This special program exposes the fraudulent and dangerous work of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Last month, the multimedia ministry—launched by the late televangelist for which it is named in 1974—began broadcasting a series of half-hour programs under the “Truths That Transform” banner, the name of a radio program Kennedy broadcast for more than 30 years up until his death. These videos highlight the assault on Christianity in the public square, and what Christians can do to combat those attacks with the truth.

Here is a summary of those videos:

  • Episode 1: The War Against Christianity: “It’s nothing new to hear that your religious liberties are being threatened. That has been happening for quite some time in America. But the push toward secularization is growing even stronger in our day. In this program, we take a look at a prominent organization—the ACLU—whose sole purpose seems to be to derail public manifestations of Christianity. They’ve set the atmosphere for someone like the fire chief of Atlanta, Kelvin Cochran, who has an inspiring rags-to-riches story, to be fired because of his personal, biblical views. We take a look at a Missouri case [which the U.S. Supreme Court recently decided] in which children at a Trinity Lutheran preschool in Missouri were denied basic safety on their playgrounds because of their religious affiliation. And we share an important new resource with you on the effort to silence Christianity by calling it hate speech.”
  • Episode 2: Discerning Good and Evil (Part 1): “‘Tolerance’ doesn’t mean what it once did. Where it once meant putting up with views you disagree with, it now seems to entail silencing those you disagree with. What has led us to this point? Powerful, well-funded interest groups like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center are a driving force behind this ‘tolerance’ movement. Dr. Kennedy shares a message on the false new meaning of so-called tolerance, and we look at how liberal interest groups like the ACLU are forcing radical laws promoting an unbiblical view of sex and gender on unwilling states. We also talk with Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association, which has also been smeared by the SPLC as a ‘hate group.'”
  • Episode 3: Discerning Good and Evil (Part 2): “There is a powerful, well-funded organization in America today that is working overtime to silence Christians and exclude them from the public square. That group is the Southern Poverty Law Center, and on this program, you will discover how they’ve used false and misleading tactics to push a leftist agenda and marginalize Christians. What is that tactic? They have designated Bible-believing organizations who support traditional marriage as ‘hate groups,’ including D. James Kennedy Ministries. As you’ll see in this program, in one case, their false designation even led to violence.”
  • Episode 4: Reclaiming America for Christ: “One of the most overused accusations in America is that of ‘hate.’ Stating a firm belief of virtually any kind will today cause someone to brand you a ‘hater.’ And one powerful group—the Southern Poverty Law Center—has the ear of government and law enforcement and is now using the hate label to try to marginalize and even silence traditional Christians. They work to see to it that those who believe in biblical marriage are publicly classified alongside the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi Party. On this program, you’ll see how the SPLC has veered away from their original civil rights mission in favor of strident activism on behalf of the radical left, and how it could even affect you and your church.”
  • Episode 5: Building a Christian Nation: “Our nation was built upon a Christian base by leaders who had Christian worldviews. On this program, you’ll discover more about that Christian foundation. And yet today, a runaway secularist movement tries to banish Christianity from the public square. No organization has been more active in that regard than the Southern Poverty Law Center. At one time they did good work fighting racism. But they have now turned their sights on traditional Christianity, labeling those who advocate traditional marriage and Biblical sexuality as ‘haters.'”
  • Episode 6: Train Up a Child—”There is a group that is trying to silence you and me by branding us haters for holding a biblical worldview. That group is the Southern Poverty Law Center, and we will next week be broadcasting a special program on them. Today, you’ll see why it’s important. You will discover how the outsized influence of this group threatens all Christians. And you’ll meet a doctor from an organization dedicated to protecting children that the SPLC has designated a ‘hate group.'”

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