Sweden’s Muslims want “Allahu Akbar” Call to Prayer Broadcast across the Country

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Followers of Islam now make up 8.1% of the population in Sweden

Paul Joseph Watson – Prominent Muslims in Sweden are now demanding that the Islamic call to prayer be broadcast throughout the country after it was allowed in the city of Växjö.

On Tuesday, Swedish police granted a mosque in the southern city of Vaxjo permission to broadcast the call to prayer, which commonly includes the refrain “Allahu Akbar,” over loudspeakers once a week.

Some politicians criticized the decision, with Anna Tenje of the conservative Moderates asserting it risked “pulling the city further apart.”

Leader of the Christian Democrats Ebba Busch Thor, who campaigned against the decision, said “people shouldn’t have to hear it in their homes.”

However, with three mosques in the country now being allowed to broadcast the call to prayer, Avdi Islami, spokesman of Växjö’s Muslim Foundation, said the call should be heard nationwide.

“We want to call out at more places. There are many Muslims who are Swedish citizens, who have the same rights as everyone else,” he said.

As Douglas Murray documents in his book The Strange Death of Europe, native Swedes will be an ethnic minority in their own country within the lifetimes of most people alive today if current immigration rates continue.

A 2017 Pew Research report put the number of Muslims living in Sweden at approximately 810,000, or 8.1 per cent of the population.

In cities like Malmo, which has suffered a surge in violent crime and gang-related disorder, non-natives already make up half of the population.

As we reported in February, Sweden appointed a Pakistani Muslim migrant as the head of its national heritage board, with the individual admitting that he hasn’t “read anything about cultural heritage.”

44-year-old Qaisar Mahmood told a radio show that Sweden’s cultural traditions “hide hideous motives,” while expressing his intent to oppose Swedes who “want to protect the culture” and are resistant to change.

Swedes who criticize Islam on social media are being prosecuted for hate speech.

A 55-year-old Swedish man was recently put on trial and fined $1,265 for committing a “crime of opinion,” after he posted on Facebook that Muslims, “account for a lot of gang crime in Sweden and other violent stuff like rapes,” despite this being statistically true.

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