Abortion News October 27, 2018

Abortion pills now available by mail in US

Satanists, ‘pastors’ to gather and ‘bless’ abortion facility

Planned Parenthood Prepares for Overturning of Roe v. Wade

The Religious Coalition Blessing Abortion Clinics Across America

More than 100 MPs bid to force abortion reform on Northern Ireland

Facebook Censors Pro-Life Ads with Newborn and Ultrasound Photos

Identical Tweets: Russians and Kamala Harris on Late-Term-Abortion Ban

West Virginia Amendment 1 Makes It Clear: There is No “Right to Abortion”

Supreme Court Could Accept Its First Abortion Case with Kavanaugh on the Bench

Planned Parenthood Wants to Force People in Oregon to Fund Abortions Up to Birth

Irish Politician Recommends Abortion Bill Read ‘Pregnant Person’ Instead of ‘Woman’ so as to Include Transgenders

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