Business Photos of Black Owners Yanked

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Rev. Austin Miles – This empty-headed race war, choreographed by Democrat Communists to weaken America, has now passed the mark of ridiculousness. The packaging of Aunt Jemima’s Pancake mix has just been ordered changed, to redo ads that has a photo of the black founder, since, now listen carefully, this is a dangerous stereotype of black folk. That photo has got to go!! We did not know that, but must suppose it is true because it was printed in the newspapers. The photo must be yanked!


No sooner did we catch our breath than Uncle Ben’s rice also was ordered to remove the founders’ photo from their ads for the same reason. We hate to think what they will do with Famous Amos. Oh no! Leave him alone! Next we clench our fists to see what happens to Mrs. Butterworth’s Cream of Wheat. It is never ending! Sheesh!!

Most white businesses show the owners’ photo with their ads. That of course is OK. But when blacks’ photos are included, well, that is absolutely stereotyping doncha know. Has anyone else ever had the feeling that this world is one big insane asylum? If any other walls are put up around our country, they should be made of rubber. Instead of police, perhaps we should be patrolled by therapists. That might solve a lot of problems.

A point of fact: Blacks burn down their own businesses and neighborhoods, then expect whites to restore them. This reminds us of the kid who killed his parents then wanted the world to feel sorry for him since he was an orphan.

DISCLAIMER. This writer is…gulp….color blind, which kept me out of the Air Force. When my wife (to be) told me she was from Africa, I thought nothing about it. OK….OK….I just added that to advance the storyline…sorry……but think about this: The greatest tragedy of all is that we have lost our sense of humor. There was a time when we laughed at ourselves and had a great time.

I was once on a show that spoke seven languages. Each performer had their own eccentricities and manners of speech and we would imitate each other. That made from some absolutely hilarious moments. And we had fun.

Something condemned today, but extremely popular then, were the minstrel shows. It was a big company with eight performers in blackface and in the center wearing white tails and top hat was the ‘interlocutor’ or master of ceremonies. There were also variety acts and a men’s chorus. The black-face comedians were always scheming to put one over on the interlocutor and they always succeeded. It was all, laugh out loud hilarious. Movies featured minstrel shows and the performers. It was indeed an art form.

I was on one of the last minstrel shows to perform due to pressure from organizations like the AACP (American Association of Colored People). They were suddenly provoked to shut down minstrel shows.

There was always a huge section of black people in attendance of every show. And they laughed louder than anyone. After one performance, several blacks came backstage to see me and said, “Now don’t you pay no attention to that double A CP. We like this, it is funny so keep it going.”

Minstrel shows were a significant part of the entertainment landscape. Plus several individual performers did their act in blackface such as Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor and many others. Those portrayals were more of a tribute than insult. Indeed, there was nothing insulting about it. We all laughed together, like those backstage parties which everyone looked forward to. And yes, they imitated me too. I frankly would have felt bad had they not.

I want to see a society where people are intrigued with each other…help one another…and especially show respect for one another. After all, God created us all. I love to meet new people with backgrounds I am not familiar with. And above all, a society where we will always be kind to our neighbor.

Plus a society that has regards for the animals. They have feelings the same as us along with the same nervous system. Like us they feel pain, anxiety, fear and disappointment the very same as us. Let us never mistreat any creature, two legged or four legged. If we live this way we will discover many delightful adventures.

And let’s close with this: God created everything on earth, including us. He created one race. And this one race is the human race.

Peace to all.

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