LGBTQPXYZ News: January 13, 2019

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‘Bruce Jenner is still a man. Homosexuality still sin’ Church stands by Bible truth, enrages LGBT community 

Protesters demonstrated against a church in northern California, demanding its pastor remove a church marquee message they believe is hateful toward the LGBT community.

The marquee message, posted by Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church pastor Justin Hoke, reads “Bruce Jenner is still a man. Homosexuality is still sin. The culture may change. The Bible does not.”

The sign angered LGBT citizens of Siskiyou County, who gathered outside the church Sunday to demand the pastor take the message down and keep such beliefs within the church’s walls.

“Keep it in your church. If it’s not something hopeful for the community, if it’s not loving, keep it in your church,” Charolette Kalayjian, the organizer for the protest, told NBC5. “Keep it in your house. Keep it — don’t share it with everybody.” Read more here

How about the Queers keep their perversion in the closet? How can Homosexuals, Lesbians and Trannys, expect US to accept who they are, when they can not accept the way God made them? The day that they acknowledge God, and what His Word says about Creation, that a Man is a Man and a Woman is a Woman, is the day I will accept them for who they claim to be! Of course, that day will never come!

Trump Gets First Victory in Effort to Ban Many Transgender Americans From Serving in Military

A federal appeals court handed U.S. President Donald Trump his first victory in an effort to ban many transgender Americans from serving in the military, lifting a court’s injunction against the new policy.

The February 2018 plan crafted by former defense secretary Jim Mattis, at the president’s request, appears less restrictive than the blanket ban initially promised by Trump because it allows transgender people to serve if they do so “in their biological sex,” a panel of three judges in Washington ruled Friday.

The ban still can’t be immediately implemented, however, because injunctions from several other courts remain in place. In November, the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to conduct an expedited review of the cases and to preempt rulings by appeals courts. Read more here

Tranny Billionaire: No Donations to GOP While it Supports ‘My Destruction’

A transgender billionaire is threatening to stop donations to the GOP unless GOP leaders reject voters’ support for the continued federal recognition of the two equal, different, and complementary sexes.

“I have supported many Republicans in elections,” Jennifer Pritzker, a billionaire member of the wealthy Pritzker family who is living as a woman, wrote in the Washington Post. Pritzker added:

I have hoped the Republican Party would reform from within and end its assault on the LGBTQ community. Yet, the party continues to champion policies that marginalize me out of existence, define me as an eccentric character and persecute me for using the public restrooms that correspond to my gender identity.

As a result, the GOP’s positions have forced me to refocus my attention away from their agendas I support. Instead, I find myself focusing on issues to protect myself and others like me. Every dollar spent defending transgender rights is one dollar less I can contribute toward other party initiatives. Read more here

How Did Desmond The Child Drag Queen Learn To Snort Dope?

Ever since the idea of gay rights was widely accepted, the cultural transformation has rapidly been at hand. The results are not pretty. Child drag queens have been unveiled to sexualize kids and are being used as mascots for indoctrinating the new generation into this depraved lifestyle.

Homosexual drag performer “Bella Noche” had one of the most prominent child drag queens, “Desmond is Amazing” on a Facebook livestream last week. The results were very troubling to anyone who cares about the welfare of children. Watch at your own risk: See video here

Episcopal Church head Michael Curry punishes NY bishop who won’t allow gay marriage in diocese

The head of The Episcopal Church has issued a partial restriction on the ministry of a New York bishop who recently refused to allow same-sex wedding ceremonies at his diocese.

Bishop William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany released a pastoral letter last year stating his refusal to follow a recently passed resolution mandating that all regional bodies in The Episcopal Church perform same-sex marriages.

A spokesperson for The Episcopal Church directed The Christian Post to a statement released Friday by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who supports same-sex marriage and leads the mainline Protestant denomination.

“During the period of this restriction, Bishop Love, acting individually, or as Bishop Diocesan, or in any other capacity, is forbidden from participating in any manner in the Church’s disciplinary process in the Diocese of Albany in any matter regarding any member of the clergy that involves the issue of same-sex marriage,” said Curry. Read more here

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The Junk Food Isle is the outright false doctrine AKA the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it, the Hebraic Roots movement and other false teachings!!

Feasting on just Milk and Junk will eventually cause you great harm, you can count on it!!
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