On Trial for Describing Homosexuality as Shameful and Unnatural

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Former Finnish MP described homosexuality as “shameful” and “unnatural”. ‘

I will add it is an Abomination and the Homo’s will burn in HELL…, unless they REPENT and turn from their wicked ways

Finnish MP On Trial For ‘Hate Speech’ Over Bible Verse

Paul Watson | Summit News – The former Finnish Interior Minister is on trial for hate speech over a bible verse that described homosexuality as “shameful” and “unnatural.”

Prosecutors claim that Päivi Räsänen’s remarks are illegal because they represent an “affront to the equality and dignity of homosexuals.”

Räsänen, an MP for Finland’s Christian Democrats party, posted comments criticizing the Finnish Lutheran Church for associating itself with LGBT activist causes.

Accusing the church of “elevating shame and sin to a point of pride,” Räsänen included an image of a bible verse which denounced gay lifestyles as “shameful” and “unnatural.”

“The case is being seen as a test of whether personal religious beliefs can justify controversial language,” reports the BBC, with a Helsinki court considering whether to classify bible passages as hate speech.

The MP was reportedly subjected to hours of police interrogation over her personal beliefs.

Räsänen arrived at court holding a bible before telling reporters she was “honoured to be defending freedom of speech and religion.”

“I hope that today it can become clear that I have no wish to offend any group of people, but this is a question of saving people for eternal life,” said the MP.

Prosecutors are pushing for Räsänen to be reprimanded and fined, although she could technically face a prison sentence.

In a related development, a video posted by Christian pastor John MacArthur which presented the biblical view of gender and sexuality was flagged as “hate speech” and removed by YouTube.

As we highlighted last year, a Christian pastor in the UK was arrested by police on the streets of London after a member of the public reported him for the “homophobic” comment of saying that marriage was between a man and a woman.

While the LGBT movement still claims to represent people who are being ‘oppressed’, it enjoys the support of every major cultural institution, media outlet and woke corporate entity in the west.

It can also rely on the power of the state in numerous European countries to literally imprison people who merely question the morality of what the LGBT movement represents.

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