Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing and Knowing them by their Fruits

There are to many Faux Christians, Faux News Organizations, Faux Scientists and Doctors, Faux Government Officials who claim to be your friend. They are NOT! They are in fact YOUR ENEMY! Who are Wolves in Sheep’s clothing and False Prophets? Jesus alerts us to “watch out for false prophets” in Matthew 7:15. He compares these false prophets to wolves in … Click Here to Read More

Judging Others: The Biblical Way according to the Word of God

Is It Right to Judge others?  What does the Bible say? The majority of this comes from Bible Believers.org and I have added to it and amended parts.   God is the only one who can Judge and condemn someone to Hell. However…….. How many times have you heard someone whine, “Judge not, that ye be not judged?” This verse … Click Here to Read More