Turkey And Russia Join Forces To Divide Up Northern Syria Between Themselves

Geoffrey Grider | NTEB – The deal came as the five-day pause in fighting brokered by the United States expired — but Turkey now says the deal means hostilities need not resume. The Russia-Turkey 10-point plan was succinct but will have wide-reaching ramifications for the region, as well as those embroiled in this latest Syrian drama. Syrian Kurds, America’s erstwhile … Click Here to Read More

What? Putin Vows to Rebuild Christian Syria!

Will Restore Churches and bring Refugees Home! Wait a minute. I thought Russia was a Atheist, Godless, Christian hating country! That is what I was taught in school and what was and is spewed from the mouths of the talking heads on network news! The Mantra?  Russian people are the enemy of God and America? NOT? It seems that Putin … Click Here to Read More