Abortion News January 5, 2019

Sticky: Who supports Abortion?

Abortionist: ‘God Performs Way More Abortions than I Do’

Cellphone radiation found to cause spontaneous abortions

Democrats Insert Language to Expand Abortion into Bill to End Shutdown

Abortion Leading Cause of Death in 2018 with 41 Million Killed before birth

30,000 Babies Aborted in Pennsylvania in 2017, Most Abortive Mothers Unwed

Pelosi, House Dems pass spending bill funding abortion; White House vows veto

Orthodox Jews and Pro-Israel Evangelical Christians Unite to Save ‘Just One Life’

House Democrats seek to restore abortion group funding on first day of new Congress

‘Shout Your Abortion’ Founder Talks to Children About Abortion, Claims ‘It’s All Part of God’s Plan’

Pro-Lifers ‘Infuriated’ after Judge Rules Kansas Can’t Stop Women from Getting ‘Webcam Abortions’

Supreme Court weighs whether to hear first challenge to Roe vs. Wade since Kavanaugh joined bench

Pastor Confronts Phoenix City Council For Failing To Uphold Arizona Law On Abortion: ‘This is Happening On Your Watch’

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