Abortion News June 8, 2019

Where the  2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates Stand On Late-Term Abortion


Overview of State Abortion Laws  –    – 

Human Sacrifice in PBS Documentary

Planned Parenthood tied to another sex scandal

Miley Cyrus Celebrates Abortion In Bizarre Promo

School demands court silence abortion protesters

Biden Says His Infanticide U-Turn Republicans’ Fault

University may return $21.5M after donor’s abortion remarks

Hollywood Producer Chernin Goes to War for More Abortions

Biden Flips on Abortion After Rebuke from Planned Parenthood

Actress Battles Louie Gohmert During House Hearing on Abortion

N.C. House Fails to Block Veto on Bill Protecting Babies from Infanticide

Blogger Celebrates Her “Awesome” Abortion: “It Was a Joyful Experience”

MEDDLING: Russian Band Plans Benefit Concert For Planned Parenthood

Arguments for Abortion Mimic the Arguments for Slavery Before the Civil War

Trump Cancels $2 Million Contract To Use Aborted Baby Parts for Research

Prolife Leader puts Poll of College Students Supporting Abortion Into Perspective

Rachel Maddow Proposes Abortion Underground Railroad To Defy Pro-Life Laws

MassResistance gets Planned Parenthood removed from California School District

Holder: OH, MO, and GA Abortion Laws ‘A Very Tangible Result of Gerrymandering’

Catholic Judge Allows Missouri’s Last Abortion Facility to Retain License to Abort — for Now

Satanic Temple Rejects Dignified Burial of Aborted Babies: ‘Undue Burden on Religious Practices’

Catholic Bishop Bans Lawmakers Who Voted for Abortions Up to Birth From Receiving Communion

As a Black Pastor, I Must Speak Out on Abortion Because 19 Million Black Babies Have Been Killed

‘Abortion Barbie’ Wendy Davis Running For Congress 5 Years After Landslide Loss In Gubernatorial Race

Illinois Pastor’s Prayer Before House Asks God to Judge State for ‘Sanctioned Destruction of Innocent Unborn’

Abortion advocates claim “medical” reasons for abortion include the mother changing her mind about pregnancy

This Bimbo dose not have a Clue on matter!  AOC: States That Jail Abortion Doctors Should Also Jail ICE When Premature Babies Die in Custody

Christians missing key factor in abortion debateAnd that is, IF YOU TRULY REPENT and ask God for forgiveness, HE will do so and heal the sorrow and shame of Murder!

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