Another One Bites the Dust: Supposed Christian Rock Singer gives into the Sin Nature!

First, there is no such thing as “Christian rock”! There is Gospel Music and the rest is of Satan!

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There is a song “Another One Bites the Dust” by the band Queen, who had a Homosexual lead singer Freddy Mercury. He is in Hell!

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Two, and mark my words—this heretic will come out as a Homosexual!

I have added scripture reference and images to the following excerpt.

Christian Post – Jon Steingard, the Canadian Christian rock band Hawk Nelson’s lead vocalist, has declared on social media that “I no longer believe in God,” explaining “it didn’t happen overnight.”

“This is not a post I ever thought that I would write, but now I feel like I really need to,” Steingard wrote on Instagram. “I’ve agonized over whether to say this publicly, and if so, how to do it, but I now feel that it’s less important how I do it, and more important that I do it.”

He continued, “After growing up in a Christian home, being a pastor’s kid, playing and singing in a Christian band, and having the word ‘Christian’ in front of most of the things in my life — I am now finding that I no longer believe in God.”

The musician added that it was hard for him to write that he no longer believes in God. “I still find myself wanting to soften that statement by wording it differently or less specifically — but it wouldn’t be as true,” he wrote.

Steingard explained that “the process of getting to that sentence has been several years in the making.”

He wrote, “It didn’t happen overnight or all of a sudden. It’s been more like pulling on the thread of a sweater, and one day discovering that there was no more sweater left.” (1st Timothy 4:1-3)

Steingard said he had been “terrified to be honest about this publicly for quite some time, because of all that I thought I would lose.”

He added that he is still scared, “but I’m writing about this now for a few reasons.”

“Firstly,” he wrote, “I simply can no longer avoid it. Processing this quietly felt right when I simply had doubts, but once they solidified into a genuine point of view, it began to feel dishonest not to talk about it.”

He noted that in his conversations with his friends who also grew up in the church, many also share the same doubts. “I am stunned by the number of people in visible positions within Christian circles that feel the same way as I do. Like me, they fear losing everything if they’re open about it.” (2nd Timothy 4:2-4)

Church wasn’t something he went to once a week growing up. It was his and his family’s life, he said. As everyone around him believed in God, he did too. He recalled some uncomfortable church moments such as praying in public and emotional cries for the Holy Spirit at youth events.

The list of things that didn’t make sense to him kept growing throughout the years, he noted, including the commonly posed question: “If God is all loving, and all powerful, why is there evil in the world? Can he not do anything about it? Does he choose not to?”

He also struggled with: “Why does he (God) say not to kill, but then instruct Israel to turn around and kill men women and children to take the promised land?” and “Why does Jesus have to die for our sins (more killing again)?”

The artist came to the conclusion that the Bible can’t be trusted because he felt in the end it is “human, flawed and imperfect.” Read more here

I submit to you reader that he was NEVER a Christian to begin with!

“After growing up in a Christian home, being a pastor’s kid, playing and singing in a Christian band, and having the word ‘Christian’ in front of most of the things in my life — I am now finding that I no longer believe in God,” he said.

News Flash: You are NOT a Christian just because “grow up in a christian home”, being a “pastors kid”, or “singing in a Christian band”! If you are in a horse barn dose that make you a horse? No, and that would be ludicrous to think so! Well unless you are one of the LGBTQPXYZ nuts who think they are an animal!

The truth is, churches are filled with people just like this young man.  They grew up in a “Christian” home, in a “Christian” society and THOUGHT they believed in God.  Mostly, they assumed as long as they professed faith in God they were covered.

Well, that is not true and NEVER WAS TRUE!  We are not BORN Christian, like we are BORN into SIN. That is what is called the Sin Nature. See info on the Sin Nature here in this 4 part video series. 

The sins of Adam and Eve are ours to bear, but the blessings of our parents are only ours to enjoy as long as we are under their covering as children, and are naive and unable to comprehend salvation.

Once we reach the age of accountability, and can understand the deeper things, then we become accountable for our choices. We become the watchman over our own Soul and Spirit. We are responsible to seek the truth and uncover the things God.  THAT IS RIGHT!  No, GOD is not missing.

GOD put us here, to WORK OUT our SALVATION! (Philippians 2:12) Read this.  No, we don’t earn, and CAN NOT WORK for SALVATION, that is a gift. We must go through the trials, temptations, sorrows, hard times, pain, suffering that is our own.  Those things are what test our metal, but more importantly they are what builds our faith.  It is GOD who gets us through those things, if we turn to HIM.  If we learn to TRUST HIM.  In trusting HIM, we are given the opportunity to SEE HIM work.  So that we KNOW He is there.  It gives us a chance to EXPERIENCE his love for us.  Not just hear about it, read about it, sing about it, or NAME IT AND CLAIM IT.  We get to feel his touch in our lives.  To hear his voice in our spirit.  To watch HIM lead us through the dark times.  That is how you build a faith that cannot be shaken.  

If you have never truly known GOD, you cannot understand HIS WORD.  The Gospel makes no sense to anyone who is not HIS! ( 1st Corinthians 2:14-16) When we come to KNOW GOD, he reveals his truth to us.  Line upon line and precept upon precept. (Isaiah 28:10)  EVERY SINGLE WORD begins to make perfect sense.   We understand all those great mysteries with which we struggled and upon which we stumbled.

No one can EXPLAIN GOD’s WORD to an unbeliever.  It is foolishness to them. (1st Corinthians 1:18) Though you laid it all out and covered every detail, they would look at you like you were crazy. THEY CANNOT UNDERSTAND.  It is impossible for them. (Romans 8:6)

When you learn to trust GOD and LOVE HIM and KNOW that you KNOW HIM… you won’t have to look to anyone else for answers.  AND you will never question HIS EXISTENCE!   TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD!  HE WANTS YOU TO OPEN YOURSELF TO HIM SO THAT HE CAN PROVE HIMSELF TO YOU, ON HIS TERMS, NOT YOURS.

I believe the GOD of the Universe.  The one who created everything,   (Genesis 1.1) who spun such perfect mechanisms, such beautiful surroundings, and provided all that is needed for every thing to live, has a right to require YOU to do it HIS WAY…   Don’t you?

Editing and additions by Cynthia Pawl

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