Our Story and Struggles Over 3 Years Now!

Hey Folk’s We Still need your Help and Prayers!

*** May 12th 2023 update below Josie had another Heart Attack***

If you can not give, Please pray the Lord sends someone who can!

Satan has a Plot… but GOD has a Plan  We need another “But God” Experience!

Just so you know what has been going on since September 5th 2019, read our story and struggle below.

Right now we have the Red Sea in front of us, and the Egyptians are closing in!!

As you may or may not know Josephine, my wife, suffered a major heart attack September 1st 2019. From that moment her health has been an ongoing battle for her.

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Here is what happened

September 5, 2019 she went to the ER for what we thought was a case of the flu. In fact, it was far from the flu. After examination, the Cardiologist rushed her into surgery and determined she had 3 arteries that were 99% occluded. A heart pump had to be put in to keep her alive until a triple bypass could be performed on September 9th. The morning of surgery they found a lateral tear on the chamber wall. It was too risky to try and repair the tear so they proceeded with the bypass only.

September 13th, they attempted to repair the tear and failed and a need for an 2nd open heart surgery was performed. Things went from bad to worse for her. She was placed on life support for over a week and went into kidney failure. She was placed on 24/7 dialysis for 10 days.

After being in the hospital for 35 days, and since coming home, she has been battling Congestive Heart Failure and Stage 4 kidney Failure. She developed Gout in the knees and ankles and that problem has now been taken care of, kinda of!

She has been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, and is unable to walk much, due to the feeling of her feet feeling like they are on fire with thousands of needles poking her feet. Doctor has said that not even surgery can fix this.

I was a very prideful man in the sense I was taught to work for my money, and I hate to ask for help. I am the sole provider have worked sporadically since September 2019, and now since March 2020 I have not been able to work at all because she needs my care 24/7.

If you can not give, and we understand that, would you please add Josie to your prayer list? Also, pass this on to as many people as you can. There just may be someone out there that the Lord would speak to who can give!

Update 10/24/20

Josephine was admitted back in the hospital on 8/13. The tear in her heart has NOT healed. The Heart Surgeons and Cardiologists at Clear Lake can not fix it. She can NOT withstand another open heart surgery. We came back home on the 14th.

So, on September 2nd, I took her to HCA in Houston so the Heart Specialist can see if he could fix her. He is the same one who was called to Clear Lake in Sept. 2019 to try but that failed, so they opened her up again.

He could not determine with a standard ECG so they scheduled her for a TEE, transesophageal echocardiography.  That revealed it was the device itself that was leaking and he could not do anything. He referred her back to the Heart Surgeon.

We met with the Heart Surgeon on October 7th and the Cardiologist on October 23rd. Both agreed that she can’t withstand a Heart Surgery, they only gave a 20-30% chance of survival, and if she made it through, they doubt she would recover. They said it’s a miracle that she is still alive right now due to her condition!  It IS the LORD who is sustaining her, and we are believing for her total and complete HEALING!

Update 12/28/2020

 Well, tomorrow is Josie’s 68th birthday. The Lord has seen to it that she is having another one.

We had a scare back on Dec. 1. She was putting on a lot of fluid and her primary care said we needed to put her in the hospital, or get hospice! 

Hospital is out of the question right now, due to this covid crap, unless she can’t breath. That, and I know they won’t let me stay to care for her and I refuse to leave her in the hands of incompetent nurses…, long story.

Her kidneys are failing so they had to give her a stronger medicine to get the fluid off of her. It is a balancing act. She has stabilized a bit and the fluid is coming off slowly.

We had a Holy Ghost prayer meeting here at the house the evening we got that bad news. Prayer is what is keeping her alive and the death angel at bay!!!

Update 5/10/2021  

Soon to be Homeless!

Well Folks we just keep getting hammered by the enemy. I knew this was coming, and it finally has. As you have read already, I have not worked since September 2019. Due to that, what little money comes in, some by ministry donations which is very little, and pretty much begging, all goes to keep the basic bills paid.

I have NOT paid any rent to the friends who own the house we are in. Well on Monday 5/3 I get a call that we need to sit down and talk about what we are going to do. I will do that later this week when I know what I can do, which is still nothing right now.

Update 8/30/21 

Well I have met twice with our friends and landlords. Very good people! They are working with us and we are giving them what we can. That is why it is vital that we get donations from good folk like YOU!! We can only count on ONE of our children to help us out and that is very, very limited.

Update 11/8/2021

Well, Josie is hanging in there. Just had blood work done for her Kidney and Cardiologist this month. I have become good at interrupting the results, We get to see them online. Her heart failure number is still very high but still the same as 4 months ago. Cardiologist was not to worried in July and said just keep on doing what we are doing.

We have seen her Kidney doctor twice and she was very happy she is doing as good as she is. Her kidney function has actually improved a bit the last three month and this current blood work still is good.

Her Oncologist is watching her closely and is happy what he sees in his in house tests. We see him every 3 months.

It is the prayers and the Grace of God that is keeping her alive! I have been asking him to keep both of us here until the Trumpet Sounds and we are caught up ALIVE to be with HIM! No, I am NOT a pre-trib rapture adherent. I just know that in the very near future the God will say enough is enough and he will tell Jesus to Go get your Children!

Update May 1st 2022

Well we saw her Cardiologist in April. That Device they put in her heart to close the tare is leaking more than it was I was told by the person who did the ultrasound.  They say to just manage her and still say she will not survive surgery to fix it. Her heart failure number is still very high but still the same

The “medical experts” say there is NO Chance of the device healing over, which is the cause of ALL her other medical problems.

Which brings us to her kidneys.

Fluid is had built up once again and her breathing is affected. She has shortness of breath

I now have to give her extra doses of the very strong meds to help her kidneys get the fluid off, which could destroy her kidneys!

The meds were NOT working hardly until…, we had another prayer meeting, laid hands one her and asked the Lord to fix it! As of this morning 5/1, five pounds of fluid have come off of her, and she is breathing better! Praise the Lord!

We were informed that Dialysis may not be an option due to the condition of her heart. They do not want to do another open heart surgery, saying IF she did survive it, she may be worse off then she is right now. > Well, we serve a BIG GOD who is the GREAT HEALER. The Lord Jesus heard us the last time and brought her, literally, out of the valley of the shadow of death!! Psalms 23:4

Update June 3rd 2022

Well we have had two procedures, one on May 24th and June 2nd. Had both procedures by the Dr that put the device in her heart. First one was a TEE to look and see what was actually happening. He found TWO leaks through the device. The second was a Right Heart Catheterization through her neck to check a couple things. He did it and said the pressure is very high and he needs to try and patch the leaks. However, He says she has 5-7 liters of fluid on her even though I have her down to 83lbs. He is going to admit her into the hospital and get the fluid off via meds by IV. I asked how long that would take and he said 3-4 days. Then he will do the Catheterization and patch up the 2 leaks that are there. It all hinges on that fluid. Don’t know when his nurse is going to call but he wants it done ASAP and seemed it is very urgent. Don’t know why he did not just keep her and start right away. I guess it’s the insurance and the death panels they have to go through!!!! So, that is where we stand as of this morning 5/3/22

Update June 14th 2022 

Well, we just got back home from a 9 day stay in the hospital. Josie had a procedure to try and close the 2 leaks around the device in her heart which is causing all of the other problems. It was semi-successful. The Dr. was able to patch one leak and that may allow the other to heal. If not, he will attempt to patch the other in 3 months or so. They pulled a bunch of fluid off of her with meds via and IV and, got 1.5 quarts from around her lungs that was causing her to be short of breath!!!  Good to be back home!!!! Thanks to all who were praying. The DR. said he could feel it and he assured me it was the Lord who guiding him and made an almost impossible procedure a success! We ask you continue to ask the Lord to heal her completely! Oh and pray for me too! 9 nights and days sitting and sleeping in a hospital chair is no fun. Now I have back problems once again LOL

Update  7/12/2022

Well, Her Kidneys are starting to fail! Down to 13%!!  We have had several blood tests and they don’t look good. Did have one on the 11th and it was up 13% from 12%. 

She has been short of breath again so we had to go to the hospital to get fluid drawn off of her lungs. The ultra sound showed very little around her lungs but did show massive amounts in her abdomen. She has looked like she was 7 months pregnant for over 2 years. I have brought it to the attention of every one of her doctors, and they did not do anything. Kept trying to get it off with meds.

Well the fluid people, don’t know what they call them, said it needed to come off.  Well 30 minutes and 4.7 LITERS later, she now looks like she just gave birth!!!  That was right at 10LBS of fluid and she now weighs 71.8 lbs!!! Josie is only 5′ tall!

She is literally skin and bones due to not being able to eat much as she got full easy. Yea…, with all the fluid her stomach could not expand and she felt full all the time. I made her look at herself in the mirror so it will shock her into reality so she will eat. Maybe now she can eat more and start putting on some muscle.

Had an appointment with her Kidney Dr. this morning but they called and had to reschedule because she has Covid symptoms!!

The Devil is working overtime on us folks and we need your


Update 8/5/2022

Heart Dr. did an echo on her heart and said there is a little squirt that is still there. He wants it to heal a bit more before attempting the 3rd and final closure. Got a follow up with him in late October to see if he is going to attempt it or not.

We went twice now to get fluid drawn off her abdomen. First time was 4.8 liters and 1.5 the second. I don’t think they knew were doing the second time as her belly is still a bit puffed out. Kidney Dr sent us to a different hospital!

He kidney failure number has improved a bit, up 2 points from 12% holding at 14% the last 2 blood tests. But the test that shows the toxins in the blood has shot up!

Kidney Dr dose not want to do dialysis yet. We see her August 30th and depending on the blood test, she may put her on dialysis. Won’t be the normal one where they put taps in her and do it by filtering the blood. Her heart would not withstand it they say.

It will be what is called Peritoneal Dialysis. It will be at home and they will train me to do it. Has to be done every day. She sure does need your Prayer folks!

Update 8/31/2022

Well folks, what we feared is now here. Josie is going on Dialysis!! Her kidneys just can’t filter the toxins. Maybe once she is adjusted to the dialysis her kidneys can take a much needed rest. We go at the end of October to the Heart Dr and see if he is going to attempt to close off the leak in her heart. If he is able to, then perhaps the blood will be flowing properly and with the kidneys resting, her body can heal and get back to semi-normal. We are expecting the Lord to heal her, be it by using the Doctors, or by a Miracle healing!

Update 10/10/2022

Well, Josie is now a Borg. That is the humanoids in Star Trek if you do not know, who were assimilated and have tubes sticking out or their bodies!

On 10/6/22 she had the Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter put in to start the Dialysis. The actual dialysis will start in 2 weeks after the surgery heals. We had already met with the Dialysis Nurse who will be training me a couple days before the surgery. We have a scheduled flush at the facility on 10/13/22 to make sure it is working OK. Then another the following week.

The pre-op was a terrible ordeal. Took them over an hour to get an IV in her. Four different tried! She is so skinny and veins are so small. She was even worse when she came out of the OR. They had to put in a second one and they had bandages all over her arm where they tried and failed!

Josie has been through the ringer folks, so your prayers are appreciated!

Update 11/19/2022

Well folks, we finally got into the dialysis unit to start my training. We finished up 2 weeks of Manual and Machine training to give her dialysis here at home. It is quite involved and the main thing is sanitation. The worry is, if contamination occurs, she could develop peritonitis which would not be good. So I must be vigilant and make sure contamination dose not occur!!

This is every day for the rest of her life, or until the day the Lord sees fit to heal her completely!

Update 11/27/2022 

We got Josie started on Dialysis here at home on Monday 11/21. She is responding pretty well so far. Is more alert and eating better. Her PD Nurse said out lives will change once we start the daily dialysis here at home. I told her she does not know how much change there has been since I brought her home 3 years ago!!! It has a little bit setting up the machine and hooking her up. Not much more other than washing my hands more that I have in my life!!

I still wake throughout the night if I hear her make a whimper, or need to help her to get to the bathroom. It is kinda like caring for a Newborn for the last 3 years, and many more to come, if the Lord sees fit not to heal her of this infirmity!!

We go see her heart surgeon on Tuesday the 29th to see when and if he will attempt to close the remaining leak in her heart.

We are still Praying, Hoping and Believing that the Lord will heal her completely from head to toe. Saw the heart Dr and since she is doing pretty good, he does not want to do the high risk procedure. He will if her condition worsens.

Update 12/13/2022

Dialysis is going good. However she took a fall going to the bathroom on Friday Nov. 2nd. She was not hurting bad so I called her Dr on Monday the 5th and she sent out a home X-ray person. They did not come till that next Friday.

She called me on Sunday evening and said her right arm was fractured. Got us an appointment on Wednesday the 13th. Dr said the X-ray showed 2 fracture. The arm and on her right leg. The leg is on the tip by the hip socket. She had total hip replacement many years ago.

Dr. said every thin is OK and in place so he does not need to operate and put on screws and wires. Says it will heal just fine.

So one more problem to deal with the next 6-8 weeks with the pain and healing!

Oh her birthday is the 29th. She will be 70!!!

Please keep her in your prayers.

Update January 19th 2023

Josie is healing up fast! With all the health issues, her bone doc is amazed she is healed up so fast. He figured at least 8 weeks and she was back on her walker in 5 weeks!  Only by the Grace of the Lord and all of the prayer for her.

Dialysis is still going good. I have got her dialed in fairly good with the solution strength so it does not pull to much off and dehydrate her. We were battling with severe constipation and have had to give her meds for that every day. Also a Phosphate binder as that level is way to high!

Please keep her in your prayers and me as well. ! have some back issues and don’t need that right now as I still have to lift her up and help turn her in the bed at night!

Update March 3rd 2023

Well folks God is good! The fractures are healed up and no more pain from that!!  She is now getting physical therapy twice a week here at home. She is slowly gaining strength back and is actually is gaining a little weight!

The foot burning and pain is still there, so we decided to give Acupuncture a try. We first went to a Chinese lady who I had bad vibes from after the treatment. She charged us $150 for a 45 min session…, out of pocket mind you as no one around here takes insurance for acupuncture.

I was taking to her primary care Dr and she said that the insurance will pay, but only for chronic back pain and NOT for Peripheral neuropathy. Well I got to calling around and talked to Chiropractor who also does acupuncture. They did not take the insurance but were shocked at the price the other one was charging!!

They charge $75 for the initial visit and then $50 after that. Well I jumped on that!!

The first session went well with her. Placed more needles in other places that the first one did not. She even did some Chiropractic work on Josie’s feet. Bones and joints all messed up she said. It IS helping because you can now touch and even massage her feet after treatment. Before even putting socks and shoes on her was a chore!

So, starting Monday March the 3rd 2023 we will go twice a week to see her for treatments. I has helped relieve so of the pain and burning in her legs and feet.

So that is going to be an added expense of $400 per month for awhile so your donation is greatly needed and appreciated!

Update May 12th 2023

Well folks, this makes attempt number 5 that the enemy of humanity has tried, and failed, to Kill Josie!!

She was having another what they call a silent heart attack. Just like the first one in 2019…, NO SYMPTOMS!!!

As some may know and some not, Josie had developed a UTI infection. I had been asking the nurses to check her and it fell on deaf ears. They just passed it off as a concentration due to the kidney failure, and she had no symptoms of a UTI! Well…, it was ongoing for at least 4 months!

They finally gave her an antibiotic for infection, NOT because of the UTI, but for her PD Cath exit site being infected!! (She is on peritoneal dialysis here at home since November 2022 for those who do not know.) That antibiotic caused her to be light headed and made her vomit a lot!!

So on Monday evening 5/8 she was getting worse so I checked her blood pressure prior to hooking up to the dialysis machine. It was 74/54 with a pulse of 103. I loaded her in the car and took to the hospital!!!

In the emergency room they drew blood and pee for cultures. Came back a bit later and said she was having a heart attack!! One test (forgot what they call it) showed the Heart enzyme numbers elevated… 800. The did not know if it was high because of the infection and high heart rate, and continued testing. They put an IV antibiotic in her.

Just so happens a Cardiologist familiar with Josie’s case was at the hospital and the ER Dr asked him to help. Now mind you this was 9pm and just shows The Lord had everything under control!!
The next test showed her enzymes had jumped from 800 to 28,000! They did not know why but scheduled a heart cath for the next morning.

Came back an hour so so later and said the enzymes were up to 38,000, So the cardiologist decided to do the heart cath to see what the problem was. Good thing he did!!

Took her in at 10pm on 5/8 and it took about an hour and a half. He had told me just prior to her going in that he suspected the one or more of the triple bypass graphs she had in September 2019 had collapsed!

Well when he came out, after the procedure, indeed that was the case. One was completely gone, which he could do nothing with, and the two others were about to collapse. He opened up both and put a Stent in the other. He also found another major artery was 90% blocked and unplugged it!

They kept her an extra day as the urine and blood cultures had not returned. Blood culture is negative and urine showed a bit of lingering bacteria. The IV tap stopped working so they could not give her another dose of antibiotics. It is very very hard to get blood out of Josie or get an IV in due to such small veins! So she is on a 3 day oral one here at the house.

Also, because of all the IV drip she is now fluid overloaded! I have had to back off of the strength of her Dialysis solution because of her blood pressure!!

At the last lab results her enzyme levels were coming down fast. Praise the Lord!!

Keep us in your prayers if you would please.

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