Vision of Nuclear War and Major Earth Quake

Name and location withheld per request.

My vision:
In the 80’s I was in my 20’s I was standing outside one night. It was summer and I was in my yard out of town. The sky was inky black with the stars shining brightly and I was talking with someone and admiring the beauty of the night. I was not thinking of war, prophecy, or anything beyond just the conversation with the other person.

All at once, I saw huge missiles coming up from the edge of the sky. I was in field with few trees around to obscure the view. I turned around in a 360 decree arc and they were coming from all sides. Immediately I was filled with fear and the only thing I could think of was that the Russians had attacked America. I was of the age where we were put in the hallways in school and had drills of preparation for war, and it was always the Russians we were warned about. I knew instantly that life as I knew it was over, and that I would probably die within the next few minutes.

I watched them climb higher in the sky and get bigger for several seconds while the horror in me mounted. Then, just when they started to change from straight up to coming toward the center of the sky, they were gone. It took me a few seconds to see that they really were not there, and it took a few more seconds to realize that they had not been there. It had to have been a vision. It was not a dream because I was not asleep. The person with me had seen nothing, but he told me that my face went from normal to fear to ghost white in seconds. I explained what I had seen and he said it must be some type of warning. I’ve often wondered thru the years if it was something that will happen, or something that could happen. It was so real I can still see them in my mind. The incredible size; the speed; the knowing that there was no time to hide and would be no escape; I’ve often reminded myself to stay close to God and keep short lag times for repentance, because there will be no time for that when the missiles come.

Sometime around 2014 (could have been a year earlier). I had a dream that I woke up and lava was coming up in the floor of my bedroom. I could feel the heat and see it rising. I lived on the outside edges of the New Madrid fault line at that time. In the same week my friend and her grandson both had similar dreams…of lava coming up in the house and being scared. None of us had ever dreamed anything like this before.

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