The Apostate Church and the Reprobate LGBTQPXYZ Invasion

I received the link to this article in a newsletter I am subscribed to,  and thought it hit the nail on the head about what I have been preaching and writing about for years. So, I dropped an email asking permission to post it, and Brother Pue graciously granted me that permission. 

I titled it as such because that is what it is, an Invasion of the Church just like the Invasion of Illegals into America and the majority will NOT deal with either issue!


When Are Christians Going to Care About This?

Rob Pue | Owner of Wisconsin Christian News –  I am wondering, today, how much more of this LGBTQP+ NONSENSE we are going to tolerate before church people, pastors and church leadership will FINALLY speak up about this demonic and deadly deception that is raping the minds and hearts — and stealing the souls — of our young people.  

When are CHRISTIANS going to CARE about this?  When are CHRISTIANS going to fight back?  Or are we just going to roll over and let the devil have his way with our communities, our culture and our kids?

Sadly, MANY pastors and church goers are not even aware of the extent of what is REALLY going on all across the country and the world — and right in their own back yards in some cases.

Not only that, but if they ARE aware, they remain absolutely SILENT on the issue;  pastors refusing to properly teach and preach on the subject, and therefore the people are left to make up their own minds.  And having no input whatsoever from their “spiritual leaders,” and most not bothering to read their Bibles for themselves anymore either — most people are making their minds up based on what is popular in the media.  Exactly what the devil had hoped for.  


Sheep without shepherds, tossed to the wolves, following the vain imaginations of their minds, with their “moral compass” being whatever “feels” and “sounds” “nice.”  We are SO lost.

Well, let me tell you, it’s even worse than that.  Because many in church leadership ARE VERY WELL INFORMED on these things — AND they are COMPLICIT in these abominations, serving as LGBT “allies” in their “open and affirming” so-called “churches.”

Let me make it very easy for you:  if your church has any fellowship with the World Council of Churches, the Wisconsin Council of Churches, or the “Council of Churches” in YOUR state, you can be certain then, that YOUR CHURCH is one of those apostate synagogues of Satan that is leading people straight to hell under the guise of being “loving,” “inclusive” and “tolerant.”  Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s the plain and simple truth.

This “Council of Churches” not only serves as a willing accomplice to the LGBTQP+ militant agenda, they also embrace eastern mysticism, all forms of paganism, and they welcome Muslims with open arms — even as guest speakers to teach their congregations, because, they claim, “we all worship the same god.”  No.  We do not.

There is ONE God:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  These people worship none of them.  They worship satan, as they join him in masquerading as angels of light.

But your church doesn’t have to be associated with the World Council of Churches to be apostate.  

Nowadays, it seems to be rare, indeed, to be able to locate a so-called “Christian church” that DOES STILL believe, preach and speak the truth of God’s Word ANYWHERE.  The seeker-friendly movement that became so popular back in the 1990s has morphed into a hideous soul-devouring monster, brainwashing followers to accept all manner of sin and debauchery as “just fine.”  Honestly, if I hear one more professing Christian tell me it is not for US to “judge,” I’m likely to make myself a whip and start overturning some tables.

But you can’t really blame them.  For decades now, 300,000 pulpits in our nation have remained absolutely SILENT on the most vital and critical issues impacting the family and God’s natural laws.  

Most of our pastors are SO weak in their preaching, so as not to offend ANYONE, they have left their congregations with no “meat” of the Word at all,  and just a thimble-full of 2% “milk.”  Everything now has become emotion-based.  If I had to guess, I’d say 90% or more of those sitting next to you in church on Sunday never once even open their Bibles at home, if they even know where it is.  

Instead, they rely on the few bits of hand-picked Scriptures projected up on the screen to support the pastor’s opinion, and if they DO follow along, it’s not with a real BIBLE — it’s with smart phones and other devices, that many times, just the night before were into porn.  Again, sorry to be so blunt here, but SOMEBODY needs to call out the “elephant in the room!”  For goodness’ sake, do we not CARE AT ALL about the future of our children and grandchildren?!

Indeed, we seem to “major” on the “minors” today:  we look down our long, legalistic noses on those who smoke, drink or use drugs.

Let me ask you:  would we, as church-goers, embrace, accept and “AFFIRM” heroin addicts in our midst — and CELEBRATE  their addictions with them?  Of course not.  

True Christ-followers would do all we could to help them come out of such bondage.   Yet the most deadly of all abominations unto the Lord, that which Romans tells us SPECIFICALLY that men will reap within their own bodies the due penalty for their sin — the sin of SODOMY — THAT sin we LOVE.  What is WRONG with us?!

Recently, as you may have heard, another professing Christian rock star, Lauren Daigle, has basically given affirmation to the sodomite lifestyle, when she went on the Ellen Degeneres show.  Ellen, a well-known and outspoken lesbian, asked this singer if she thought homosexuality is a sin.  Lauren Daigle responded, “I can’t honestly answer on that,” and added: “I have too many people that I love that they are homosexual.  I don’t know.  I actually had a conversation with someone last night about it.  I can’t say one way or the other. I’m not God…. I just say read the Bible and find out for yourself. And when you find out let me know.”

Honestly.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.  Here is a young woman, followed by millions of adoring teens and young adults as a “Christian” singer.  OBVIOUSLY, as we seem to do with ALL celebrities, these young people look up to people like this for guidance, and they follow their lead…  and if the truth be told, if they GO to church at all, most of their PASTORS would likely give a very similar answer as well.  But WHAT a SHAME.  What a missed opportunity to speak the truth of the God she claims to praise in her music.  But then, to speak the truth would mean losing fans, losing money, losing the admiration of PEOPLE.  She chose the approval of men over service to the King.

When I posted this news article on our Wisconsin Christian News Facebook page, even I was surprised at how many professing “Christians” are SO LOST, SO deluded.  You’d have thought I’d committed bloody murder just to post the news article on our site.  I was told it is not for us to judge.  

I was told it is unChristian to not “love” everyone.  I was called a “hateful bigot.”  I was told “we are all sinners and none of us have any right to declare what is right or wrong.”  I was told that I was the reason that Christians get such a “bad name.”  And of course, there were countless “hate the sin but love the sinner” comments.  

WHICH, in case you don’t know, is NOT in the Bible —  it was a saying of Gandhi.  But if you read your Bible you’d know that.  No, friends, God does not cast the SIN into hell.  The unrepentant SINNER goes there by his or her own choosing…sadly because so many church-goers are too afraid to offend them in this life.  So they “love” them straight into eternal separation from God.  And hell is enlarged daily as so many, deceiving themselves in the vain imaginations of their own minds do what they FEEL is right in their own eyes.

Now, I don’t know who Lauren Daigel is.  I’ve never heard her music.  She may have a voice as beautiful as the Heavenly Host itself;  but as a Christian “leader” — and make no mistake, you don’t need to be a “pastor” to be a leader, because she is a “pied piper,” and she has a huge following — mostly young people, and she IS LEADING them…  and as a Christian leader, it is her responsibility to KNOW what the Bible says, especially about THIS topic, which is so prevalent and spreading like a deadly cancer worldwide now.  

Instead, she said, “I don’t know.  You read the Bible for yourself and when you find out, tell me.”  If that is not the epitome of laziness, I don’t know what is.  But that is the state of the American church today.  Lazy, apathetic and carnal… 

Satan has turned what God created to be a beautiful thing: the act of sexual relations within marriage into a hideous form of recreation and entertainment, that is, MOST OFTEN, DEADLY anytime it is engaged in outside of Holy Matrimony.  It’s ESPECIALLY  deadly when the unnatural acts of sodomy are practiced.  And how we have TWISTED God’s gift of sex and perverted it today into something foul and rotten and disgusting.

Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn today, it’s all about sex.  Unnatural, TWISTED and PERVERTED sex.   They are teaching sodomy and “transgenderism” as a normal way of life in pre-schools and public schools with “ Drag Queen Story Time” — where a man, dressed as a female whore not only reads a story to innocent young children, they also perform lewd, disgusting dances, called “twerking” in front of these poor kids — AND THE PARENTS BRING THEIR KIDS to these things!  

In Texas, a six year old boy is being forced to “transition” to a girl by his mother.  While at his mother’s house, he must dress as a girl, is called by a female name and is taken to a psychiatrist who specializes in “gender dysphoria.”  Soon he will be forced to take female hormones.   But the boy doesn’t WANT to be a girl.  When at his father’s house, he willingly dresses as a boy, acts as a boy and goes by his given name.  BUT NOW the father is being SUED for “child abuse.”  How much more outrageous can we get in this world?!

Well, let me tell you.  According to LifeNews, a feminist ELCA Lutheran “pastor” is “making fun of Christians who take a serious decison to be abstinent from sex until marriage and to remain faithful to their partner in marriage.”  Here’s what she is doing:  she is calling for Christian girls and young women to send her the “purity rings” given to them by their parents as a symbol of their vow to remain virgins until marriage.  This so-called “pastor” plans to melt them down and create a statue of a vagina, to be unveiled at  a Conference she is hosting next year.  Those who send their purity rings to this devil will receive a “Certificate of Impurity” as well as a “SHAMELESS IMpurity ring.”  

This demon’s name is Nadia Bolz-Weber, and she is in Denver, Colorado where she founded the ELCA “House For All Sinners and Saints.”  She recently resigned from leadership at this House For All Sinners so that she can have a greater influence in the culture by acquiring what she calls a “larger stage.”  She advocates for church-goers to use pornography, she embraces sodomy and “transgenderism” and is known for preaching sermons filled with profanity.   Upon leaving the “church” she founded, she was replaced by a sodomite male, married to a “ drag queen.”  This is called “Church” in America today, folks.

Does it not concern you that a school nurse is forbidden to give a student an aspirin without parental permission, but can take that same student to Planned Parenthood for an abortion without even informing the parents?  Does it not concern you that kids under the age of 13 cannot go to a PG-13 movie, but kids under 3 can go watch a Drag Queen gyrate all over the floor and read them a story, all the while encouraging them to explore their sexuality and try sodomy out for themselves?

Consider this: wherever you find children, whether it be public schools, libraries, or even churches,  you will find sodomite indoctrination, rainbow symbols and the LGBTQP+ agenda celebrated and embraced.  But you won’t find such things at your local nursing home.  Why is that?  Because these demons are after your children, that’s why!  They MUST recruit them into the lifestyle.  They must snare and entrap as many as possible as young as possible.  But WOE to them.  It would be better, Jesus said, for them to have a millstone tied around their neck and be thrown into the depths of the sea.

And woe to the lazy, apathetic professing Christians who should know better too — even though their cowardly leaders will not lead and teach on these things.   If they truly followed Jesus as they claim, they ought to know better.  And some of them do.  They just don’t care.  Yes, indeed.  WOE to them, as Paul writes in Romans, “who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the very same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

So I ask you again, as I did at the start:  how much more of this are we going to put up with before Christ’s remnant believers RISE UP and put a stop to it?  Because you see, if that is to be, it is up to us.

Most of today’s professing “church” has joined the other side — the devil’s side.  

And you’d better be extremely careful of those who refuse to rightly divide the Word of Truth, lead as true shepherds of God’s people, or worse yet, celebrate this abomination and teach others to do likewise, all in the name of “love.”  Because God IS love.  But He is also the Way, the Truth and the Life.  But our adversary, the devil, masquerades as an angel of light, and he too, uses the word “love” — but beware the father of lies and all who follow him.  LISTEN TO ME PEOPLE:  voting “Republican” and then going back to your favorite TV sitcom, conveniently overlooking the nice, cute homosexuals it features is not going to solve this.  This is spiritual warfare — the DEVIL is highly organized and well funded, while, at the same time, it seems, GOD’s people couldn’t care less.  I’M TELLING YOU:  We had BETTER start caring.  Or YOUR OWN child or grandchild will be the enemy’s next victim.  What will you do then?

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After I published this, Steve Quayle sent me this article at WND

2 major Christian Pagan Luciferian groups adopt gay-rights ‘compromise’

Two major Christian organizations have endorsed adding sexual orientation and gender identity protections to federal nondiscrimination laws.

The boards for the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and the National Association of Evangelicals passed the motions in recent months as a compromise, exchanging an advance in LGBT rights for protections for religious groups, World magazine reported.

But the Family Research Council warns that under such a compromise, there is “no chance” that the rights of a Christian baker or teacher who opposes same-sex marriage would be protected.

FRC assessed the NAE motion, passed unanimously in October, titled “Fairness for All,” urging Congress to maintain three principles in its legislation.

The first is that God “created human beings in his image as male or female and that sexual relations be reserved for the marriage of one man and one woman.” The second urges Congress to “support long-standing civil rights laws and First Amendment guarantees that protect free religious exercise.”

The third principle in the NAE motion is that no one “should face violence, harassment, or unjust discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.”

Peter Sprigg, FRC’s senior fellow for policy studies, writes that the “first bullet point is a clear-cut statement of biblical teaching on sexuality and marriage” while the second “is a straightforward endorsement of long-standing American principles.”

“The third bullet point is the problem,” he says. Read the rest at WND

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