Jesus Cures the the Curse of Homosexuality

Young Man Tweets for Pride Month: ‘Jesus Brought Me Out of Homosexuality

A young man who has been saved for two years recently generated a firestorm on Twitter after he posted with the hashtag #PrideMonth that Jesus had delivered him from homosexuality and urged readers not to let the world cheat them out of the gift of salvation through Christ Jesus.

“Jesus brought me out of homosexuality,” wrote the 23-year-old Derrick on June 4.

“There is no gay gene, and gays being born that way is only half true, as EVERYONE is born into sin and iniquity,” he explained. “Don’t let this world cheat you out of the free gift of salvation Christ died for. Jesus is the only love that’s true.”

The tweet generated hundreds of comments, both applause and disagreement, with some claiming that mankind does not have a sin nature, that homosexuality is not sinful, and that Derrick has been “indoctrinated.” Derrick responded to a number of remarks by explaining his background and the message of the gospel.

“It’s very sad for me to see people succumb to indoctrination and shame of who they are in such a manner. I hope you may find the real help you need,” one commenter wrote.

“It’s not indoctrination. Nobody forced me to turn to Jesus, and my family is largely agnostic. I didn’t grow up in church. The reason I turned to Jesus is Jesus,” Derrick replied.

“People are not born into sin or iniquity,” one man asserted. “I hope you eventually learn — it says in the Bible and people who are fanatical don’t seem to understand, ‘The kingdom of Heaven lies within.’ I hope that’s what you’ve found. If you don’t follow your own natural inclinations, you’ll end up really mentally troubled.”

“That’s the opposite of what the Bible teaches,” Derrick explained. “The Bible teaches that the inclination of every man is towards sin. That’s why we have to be born again with a new nature made to be like Christ.”

“Lame! You just don’t get it. Conversion therapy is the true sin,” a third commenter stated.

“I didn’t go through conversion therapy,” advised Derrick, who shared that he was also involved in witchcraft and “all of his sin led to death’s door.” “I just let God’s word and Spirit renew my mind.”

Others encouraged Derrick or testified of Christ’s saving power themselves.

“Amen! Jesus delivered me from bisexuality after I got saved and without me asking. He also delivered me from alcoholism, depression and anxiety,” one woman wrote. Read more here

World Health Organization drops transgender from list of mental disorders

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has passed legislation that will no longer categorise being transgender as a mental health condition.

The move has been said to have the potential to ‘liberate’ trans and non-binary people worldwide, making the route to legal transition draw closer. 

The decision was approved on Friday 25 May by the World Health Assembly, the WHO governing body that represents 194 member states, and should trickle down to national policies. 

However, an evolving scientific understanding of gender and numerous advocates and transgender activists around the world speaking up for the lives of trans people have been key in seeing this result. 

Graeme Reid, LGBT rights director at Human Rights Watch said: ‘The WHO’s removal of “gender identity disorder” from its diagnostic manual will have a liberating effect on transgender people worldwide. ‘Governments should swiftly reform national medical systems and laws that require this now officially outdated diagnosis.’ 

While mental health issues play no part in a person’s gender identity, Graeme Reid said that oppression of trans people can cause suffering. Read more here

No, Demons cause their Suffering!!

Pediatric Specialist Warns ‘ Transgender Therapy’ a Danger to Children

In May, the Democrat-controlled House passed the so-called “Equality Act,” along with eight Republicans in support, which among other things adds sexual orientation and “gender identity” under the protection of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

This addition now goes to the Senate, where it faces a less certain future, but it brought up again a discussion that has been in the news a great deal this year, in a variety of forms.

Fox’s Laura Ingraham recently spoke with Dr. Paul Hruz, a pediatric endocrinologist, specifically on gender identity and the incautious, largely experimental and, as he called them, “drastic” treatments being given to children, euphemistically referred to as transgender “therapy.” 

The “therapy” is actually very serious, and in young children can leave lifelong harm. 

In the clip below, Ingraham starts with the most obvious and utterly reasonable question. “I have a question after reading a lot about this,” she said. Read more and see video here

Former lesbian: I was raped, hated men; ‘Devil thought he had me, God had another plan’

WASHINGTON — A former lesbian testified to the power of God to transform lives, and how He brought restoration to her and redeemed the years the enemy stole.

Before hundreds assembled at the Sylvan theater adjacent to the Washington Monument in the 80-degree heat, Janet Boynes addressed the Freedom March, the second gathering to take place in the nation’s capital.

“I’ve been out of the [ lesbian] life 20 years,” Boynes said.

“At one time I would get up in the morning and asked myself: Who Am I? What is my identity? Who do I belong to? Why am I here,” she began, explaining that such are the questions many ask of themselves.

“We all want to belong to some sort of community or some type of group or church. The labels we are putting on ourselves whether they are positive or negative, influence how we behave and sometimes how we respond to others at an adult age or even at an early age.”

What she came to realize was that she had an identity crisis, she explained, adding “I didn’t know who I was or who God called me to be.”  Read more here

Instagram Promotes ‘Trans Disabled Model’ Who Is Calling For The Killing Of All ‘Transphobes’

After banning tons of conservatives for their “dangerous” political views, Facebook-owned Instagram promotes trans disabled model actively calling for the “killing” of all “transphobes.” Read it all here

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