Police invite Muslim mob to beat Christian “blasphemers” in Pakistan

Jihad Watch – “Rather bizarrely members of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYR) who led a riot and called for extra-judicial murder of the the two cousins and other Muslim religious bodies, were also present at the FIA building during the time of the investigation. They had apparently been asked to attend the police station at the same time as the … Click Here to Read More

State demands Preachers get Permission to Speak

Two street preachers are targeted, confronted and eventually arrested by transit officers who insist that they stop talking about their Christian beliefs without getting the agency’s permission first, and the courts say that’s all right. But the Rutherford Institute thinks otherwise, and that’s why it’s seeking a rehearing before the entire 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in a First Amendment … Click Here to Read More

Indian Baptists ban Catholicism

Hindu court intervenes and sides with their Pagan brothers but still allow persecution and murder for conversions to Christianity and Catholicism! “Chief Justice N Kotiswar Singh said the regulation goes against the guarantees of the Indian constitution, which provides every Indian citizen the freedom to profess, practice and propagate a religion of choice.” So WHY is there so much persecution … Click Here to Read More

Muslim Herdsman aided by Terrorists Kill Eight Christians in Central Nigeria

JEBU-MIANGO, Nigeria, (Morning Star News) – Attacks on villages in north-central Nigeria that killed eight Christians in the past two weeks were carried out by Muslim Fulani herdsmen aided by terrorists from Islamic extremist groups, a local pastor said. The Rev. Sunday Gado Biri told Morning Star News that the assailants also torched 50 houses belonging to Christians, including his … Click Here to Read More

Muslim Converts to Christianity in Uganda and looses Family

Luke 12:51-53 “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: 52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the … Click Here to Read More

Young Muslim Jihadists Stab Christians who refuse to Convert to Islam in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Muslim students at a high school in Nairobi on Tuesday night (Jan. 23) beat and stabbed Christians who refused to convert to Islam, a local source said. Tensions had been growing for weeks at Jamhuri High School in northern Nairobi, with Muslims primarily of Somali, Boran and Oromo descent complaining of discrimination. Due to … Click Here to Read More

Google Home Censors Jesus Christ

The Wave of the Future! Glorified spy tech disses son of God. Bet Twitter and Facebook follow suit! Kelen McBreen – Who is Jesus Christ? Internet users are posting videos of Google products refusing to answer the simple question. In one video uploaded Wednesday, Google fails to answer but provides an in-depth summary when asked about other religious figures including … Click Here to Read More

Evangelical Christian Mother and Daughter in Nigeria Pressured to Convert to Islam

Children threatened and forcefully taken after Father converts to Islam KANO, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – A Christian woman and her adult daughter face kidnapping charges filed to pressure them into following the family patriarch’s conversion to Islam, sources said. Amina Isa, 40, of Kano state’s Gidan Kuran village in Tudun Wada Local Government Area, told Morning Star News that … Click Here to Read More

Teen Sisters in Laos Beaten and Tied Up by Family for Converting to Christianity

Animism is the belief that everything has a soul or spirit, an anima in Latin, including animals, plants, rocks, mountains, rivers, and stars. Animists believe each anima is a powerful spirit that can help or hurt them and are to be worshipped or feared or in some way attended to. Animism is a primitive religion whose adherents have for thousands … Click Here to Read More

The Communist left is attacking Christian Parents

Liberals now claim Christian parents are dangerous. This is an existential threat we can’t ignore LifeSiteNews – Over the past two decades, it has slowly dawned on Christians that the implications of same-sex “marriage” are far greater for those who still believe in the traditional understanding of marriage than even the cynics first thought possible. The politicians, the academics, and … Click Here to Read More